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Dharma and astrology?! These are two powerful tools to help us better understand ourselves as individuals, the nature of being human, and the universe around us. Buddhism packs 2500 years of profound consciousness studies. Transpersonal astrology draws on Jungian principles. Together they help us to understand the map of our souls, our natal chart, and our unique Hero’s Journey depicted therein.

Join Dharma Teacher and Transpersonal Astrologer, Catherine Pawasarat for how to use these two powerful tools for your spiritual growth.

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An AstroDharma Pioneeer

Catherine Pawasarat

Catherine Pawasarat

Dharma Teacher, Transpersonal Astrologer, Author

Since the early 2000s Catherine has provided dharma training and taught the path of awakening to hundreds of students, together with Doug Duncan Sensei and on her own. In addition to Astrology and Buddhist philosophy and their applications to daily life, Catherine also draws on generative living (a.k.a. sustainability) and the arts.

Catherine is from a lineage of spiritual awakening that values the best of Eastern and Western philosophy. Her partner Doug Duncan Sensei and their teacher Namgyal Rinpoche excel in teaching both methods. This is an ideal training for Westerners, and an evolution of traditional teachings for the modern seeker.

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Seed, Stalk and Flower: Be Master of Your Fate

Welcome to our Meditative Moment series. Once or twice a month, we’re sharing our most recent or favourite blogs, videos and podcasts that address spiritual awakening in the modern age.

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‘Seed, Stalk, Flower: Be the Master of Your Fate’ – One of the oldest meditations is on seed, stalk and flower. Where your attention goes, what your mind is on about, what your aspiration is, will determine what kind of flower (karma) you have.

Read about how to be master of your fate in this new blog article from Dharma Teachers Doug Duncan & Catherine Pawasarat Sensei.

Embracing Your Buddha Body: Movement Meditation

You will experience in your spiritual life some degree of physical discomfort in the process of realizing your Buddha-body. The practice of movement meditation is to become aware of, and then relax or release the tension and pain. Enjoy this month’s read!

Are You Running on Empty?

In order for you to have wisdom, one of the first things required is some space between you and your objects. We call that emptiness.