Aquarius The VisionaryThe eleventh video in the online course A Year of Dharmic Astrology has just been released. This month we continue in the last quarter of the astrology chart with Aquarius, ‘The Great Visionary’.  This twenty-minute video has been crafted to support your self-discovery, personal integration and spiritual unfoldment through the vehicle of astrology.  Aquarius is truth seeking and community oriented.  As part of this online, study-at-your-own-pace astrology course, you will have the opportunity to reflect and share your insights with others. May these questions and your reflections support you in the exhilaration of pushing your own envelope, and benefit all beings.

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The teachings are given freely according to the practice of dāna. “Dāna” is a Sanskrit and Pali word meaning “generosity” or “giving,” and is always discretionary. Through our cultivation of dāna, we leave habitual states of mental poverty behind and steadily grow a reality of psychological, spiritual and thus material richness. By practicing with a healthy spirit of generosity, we deepen our own practice and support teachers to make these healing teachings and tools available to all. By offering material and other kinds of dāna with an open heart, everyone benefits, particularly the giver.

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