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Teachings of Totality: Enlighten-Up!

Clear Sky Meditation & Study Centre 3567 Cockell Rd, Bull River, British Columbia

Totality, emptiness and mind-only are the three major characteristics of Mahayana Buddhism. How might you understand this universal mind, likened to a vast ocean mirror? Learn more about these at this Enlighten-Up! with Qapel.

The Unending Story – Awakening: Enlighten Up!

What is the greatest story of all time?  It is a story that is unending, constantly transforming and unfolding. What's next for consciousness? Can you rest on the precipice of the unknown?  Watch the story emerge at this month's Enlighten-Up! with Qapel.

Wisdom of the Zen Sutras: Enlighten-Up!

While Zen is often considered non-intellectual, Zen teachings were highly influenced by classical texts from Mahayana Zen canon. Four of the most profound and influential Zen Sutras include the Lankavatara Sutra, the Vimalakirti Sutra, the Avatamsaka Sutra and the Lotus Sutra.  Learn more about these, and what they mean for you today, at this Enlighten-Up! with Qapel and Sensei.

The Hero’s Journey & Shamanism: Enlighten Up!

Seen in shamanistic stories and traditions worldwide, the hero's journey is universal. On our quests for growth, awareness and enlightenment, what archetypes and mythologies inspire and support us? Discover a cross-cultural example of the hero's journey and shamanism at this special Enlighten-Up! with Catherine Pawasarat Sensei.  She will be streaming live from Kyoto, Japan during her annual research visit to the Gion Festival.