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Transforming Demons Into Allies: 6 Benefits of the Hero’s Journey.

This journey beckons to each of us, and within the journey lie all of our dreams, dreams of freedom to become all we are meant to be. And then some.

The road of adventure, outlined by the Hero’s Journey, teaches us six things.

1. We can do it: Greater self-confidence and resilience are natural byproducts of the Hero’s Journey.

2. We can still enjoy life in the ‘ordinary’ world: Though we return from the journey different from when we left, our life is richer for it, and we have more good things to share with others.

3. Challenges are our practice ground: We gain a deeper appreciation that difficulties won’t go away. And on completion of our Hero’s Journey, we realize they weren’t as hard as we thought.

4. Change is beautiful: While our lives will surely change and inevitably some things and people will drop away, we’ll enjoy the company of others who enrich and beautify our lives.

5. I am not alone: Our relationships with people can finally become what we’ve been looking for.

6. Every day is an adventure: Life gets extremely interesting! Every day becomes something we look forward to, full of learning and exploration.

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