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Calm and Clear, UK Retreat with Doug Duncan Sensei

Maitreya House Lower Maes-coed, Hereford, England

Calm and Clear Retreat at Maitreya House in the UK Inviting Insight, Bliss & Wisdom into our lives Fri. April 1 – Fri. April 8 Would you like to feel more calm and clear? How do you imagine it would affect your quality of life? Calm and Clear is a kind of meditation method, and it applies to the day-to-day. Although it’s a text and practice rooted in Vajrayana Buddhism, the applications can apply just as well in the office, at home, in recreation and even in our personal and professional relationships. Imagine bringing a sense of calmness and clarity to all of those places! This has been called “analytical meditation” because it focuses on insight, our mind’s incredible ability to understand. Its partner, sammatha, is also known as bliss meditation; it’s considered the great healer, because when bliss is present, it supersedes all mental and physical anguish. These are not empty promises: as we all know, bliss can be interrupted and difficult to regain. Therefore, we need to understand the nature of what interrupts the bliss, which means developing more insight. We also learn the supporting conditions of mind that can re-establish the bliss, and reveal a kind of bliss we didn’t recognize before. What kind of bliss is that? You may be asking. This is the bliss of a calm, clear, awake luminosity of consciousness, which generates both bliss and insight. Combined, we call them wisdom:  Wisdom is generated when bliss conjoins with clarity and focuses on a […]

Living Tantra – The Dance of Transformation

Watkins Books 19-21 Cecil Court, London

This talk will be held in Watkins bookstore in London, UK at 6:30 pm on Thursday April 20th, 2017. Through their living, vibrant teachings Doug and Catherine bring to life understandings from the ancient way of Tantra. Although often seen as esoteric and mystical, Tantra involves a practical engagement with all of our senses, in the life we are living. Photo: aka Tman In attempting to allay our fears and control the world around us, we have our ways of manipulating, managing or disengaging from situations in order to cope.  These are often unconscious ways (our shadow), by which we keep relationships and the external world at arm’s length in order to protect our vulnerable heart Tantra is a method where, rather than denying our wants and needs, we explore our relationship to them. In the process, we navigate a path through our struggles and difficulties, our traumas and traumata. In this talk, which precedes the UK Retreat at Maitreya House, these two meditation masters and lineage holders will show us how this dance of transformation leads us into a clearer, more compassionate, more empowered and loving state. Established in 1893, Watkins is the UK’s oldest esoteric bookshop, specializing in mind body spirit. In the heart of London, it invites teachers to share their wisdom. Sign up here to be notified about any updates regarding this class and other Planet Dharma news.

Introduction to Tantra Retreat in the UK

Maitreya House Lower Maes-coed, Hereford, England

UK Meditation Retreat: An Introduction To Tantra Conquering fear, discovering the freedom to love and explore… Meditation Retreat Location: Maitreya House, Herefordshire, UK This week-long retreat in rural England will be an opportunity for you to delve into the Buddhist tantric tradition with Tantra Masters Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat. Tantra is a weaving of a clear mind and a blissful heart and the image often used to portray the metaphor of these dualities of consciousness is the dance of male/female in union. It is a method for exploring the relationship between our inner mental workings and our outer contact with the everyday world. We will learn how our fears can be harnessed to become a tool for overcoming the anxieties we experience in daily life. The retreat will enable us to develop trust and confidence that conquers fear and establishes freedom to love and explore. The retreat begins with a 21 Tara empowerment in Tibetan tradition, which lays the foundations of the practice. Throughout the week there will be opportunities to develop this practice with guidance through classes, activities and meditation. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced practitioner, the week promises to be a deep and transformative one. This meditation retreat is for people who:   Are new to meditation   Already meditate   Want to go deeper into their meditation practice   Want to find out what tantra is all about   Want to develop their tantric practice through the 21 Taras Want to empower […]

Wasteland to Pureland Book Launch & Talk, London, UK

Watkins Books 19-21 Cecil Court, London

To celebrate the launch of their new book 'Wasteland to Pureland: Reflections on the Path to Awakening', master teachers Acariya Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat present teachings that have emerged out of decades of practice and study in Buddhist philosophy, Western psychology and other wisdom traditions. In Wasteland to Pureland, Doug and Catherine provide a contemporary guide to integrating spiritual practice with everyday life. Learn how the daily grist of work, relationships and challenges can become our richest resource and how to get beyond small views of the self, by first understanding the forces of ego and trauma that hold each of us back. They show us expansive, ever-transforming selfhood is possible, with the capacity to awaken through work, creativity, sex, relationship and action. Honest, edgy and accessible, this is for anyone ready to shed light on limiting beliefs and wake up to the vibrant forces of light, love, compassion and wisdom in the world. The launch and talk will be held at Watkins Books in London. 6:30pm, Thursday August 23, 2018  

Meditation Retreat at Maitreya House, UK Body of Truth & Star Group

Maitreya House Lower Maes-coed, Hereford, England

Strengthening your abilities to creatively visualize at this Retreat in the UK. Visualization gives you greater power to interrupt negative arisings. What's more, you acquire skills to imagine new and more diverse positive (joyful) arisings.