Join Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat for this introductory-level course on the six most commonly practiced forms of yoga. Enjoy a blend of independent study, individual exploration, group sharing and web conferencing.

This is an 8-unit course on the primary yogic paths of awakening. Registrants should expect to set aside 6 to 8 hours per week for the course work, including reading and viewing course materials.The content has been created by Doug Duncan Sensei and Catherine Pawasarat Sensei. Live sections of the course will be led by Doug Sensei.

Note: this is not a self-directed course.  Those enrolling will be expected to commit to the timelines as set out in the course description. Click the link below for more information.

The course will begin on September 6th, 2014. (Unit 1 & 8 will be one week long; all other units will be 2-weeks in duration.)  Registration closes August 31st 2014.  (Registration is now closed)

The course includes:

Introductions to the Philosophy of each form

Each unit has a video overview of the type of yoga and its applications in daily life and practice.


Each unit has several follow-up activities to engage students in deepening and solidifying their understanding of the material, and how it can be used to benefit their own lives. There is an expectation that this work will be undertaken in earnest and that students will complete the various activities and assignments by the end of the unit. Students will also be expected to keep a notebook for reflection, notes and assignments.

Live Check-ins with Doug Duncan Sensei

A webinar-style tutorial will take place towards the end of each unit to give students a chance to check their grasp of the concepts and to deepen and extend their understanding. This tutorial for each unit will be live streamed on the corresponding Saturday afternoon at 4pm (UTC – 7 hours, Mountain Time).

Who We Encourage To Attend

Paths to Freedom is designed for any serious student of awakening who wants to develop a solid understanding of the range of yogic practices and how they can be used to support their unfoldment.

Why Enroll?

This is a precious opportunity to study an ancient body of wisdom with teachers who know how to leverage it for greater growth and unfoldment.

It includes the development of:
– A broad understanding of what yoga is and the many ways it can be applied in our lives.
– The skill of undertaking a systematic, in-depth dharmic exploration.
– Community with other sangha members and greater connection with Doug Sensei and Catherine Sensei.

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