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Meditation Retreat: Body of Truth & Star Group

May 11, 2018 - May 19, 2018

*Please note, these retreat dates have changed to May 11-19th 2018*

Western Mysteries Retreat: Body of Truth and Star Group (at the beautiful and innovative Clear Sky Center)

Imagine being the change you want to see in the world.

Creative visualization and active imagination are vital to the spiritual path. They improve our relationships with ourselves and others and grow our desire to benefit all beings.

By cultivating powerful visualization skills, we can imagine our desired way of being into existence. As a bonus, we strengthen the ability to see through and decrease our negative states when they arise.

The Power of Western Meditations and Star Group


Buddhist philosophy holds that the waking world is no more “real” than the worlds of meditation or dreams. Therefore our ability to imagine new and more diverse positive arisings is an essential skill for the bodhisattva path.

During this retreat, we’ll follow Namgyal Rinpoche’s pioneering work with these practices, drawing on his book, A Body of Truth, and the Star Group meditation methodology that he developed.

What to expect:

  • We will explore diverse meditations from the Western Mystery tradition. This tradition focuses more on archetypes, and less on human-centric deities and saints (which are present in traditions like Buddhism and Christianity).
  • We will draw on the use of forms, elements, shapes, movement and color to stimulate transformative energies within us.
  • We will explore a broad spectrum of practices–from meditations on honeycombs to the Great Pyramid and its secret chambers.
  • To create a holistic experience, we will balance the five elements, inner and outer, active and passive energies, time indoors and outdoors, alone and in groups.
  • You may discover hidden talents, and increase your strengths. Negative internal blocks will loosen.

What is Star Group?

Developed by Namgyal Rinpoche, Star Group is a rare and precious practice. Small groups of people meditate together to create a psychic platform where they collectively explore the depths of inner and outer space. Star Group meditation draws on the powers of several minds working together and individually, increasing the range and power of our exploration, meditative vision and joy.

Star Group could be seen as a progression from meditating alone to meditating as a group or collective. This practice provides an outstanding opportunity to draw on meditation as a resource to develop relationship and community skills.

Integrating your experiences and energies with others benefits innumerable beings. We invite you to join us to train in becoming more skilled and compassionate for the benefit of all beings.

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About the Teachers:

Doug Duncan Catherine Pawasarat Clear Sky Center

We encourage everyone to find the “teacher within” that we can be. But, for almost everyone, we need to apprentice before we can master. Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat apprenticed in the teachings of awakening for decades with their teachers. Between them they have been teaching for more than 30 years.

Their explorations and teachings are guided by four principles: spiritual growth, social connectivity, economic sustainability and environmental integrity.

Doug & Catherine teach from various wisdom traditions – including buddhadharma, Western Mysteries, modern science, art and nature – based on broad interests and a non-judgemental approach. We’ve lived and worked overseas for many years, and a planetary outlook is important to us. So is humour! Read more: Full Bios.

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Why come to Clear Sky: Experience the difference:

  • Know what it is to truly unwind, surrounded by pristine, tranquil nature.
  • Enjoy fresh air and wholesome food, with an emphasis on organic and locally sourced.
  • Experience the support of a community that exists to help you reconnect.
  • Be part of a working and awakening community that practices what it teaches.
  • You’ll both reinvigorate and integrate what you learn into your daily life.
  • Share the learning and growth with other participants, making new friends who are also on a path of spiritual unfoldment.
  • Connect to the teachings that have enlivened humanity over centuries (regardless of religion).

What else do you need to know?

  • Dāna (Generosity Based Teaching)

Doug & Catherine are teaching this meditation retreat via the ancient tradition of Dāna (generosity), an offering from them to the attendees. It is considered of supreme value to your life and thus “beyond price” so it is expected that the student will be equally generous and support the teaching and the teachers by making an offering.

While no offering is too small, also no offering is too great. The giver benefits by offering as much as they can, given the individual’s circumstances. Along with compassion, generosity is considered the root of spiritual progress and, according to the ancients, therefore the root of our success in daily life as well.

Find out more about how you can practice Dāna. We invite you to offer Dāna when you register and via the Dāna bowl available at Clear Sky.

  • Meditation Retreat Centre Fees (Lodging & Meals)

This meditation retreat will be held at beautiful Clear Sky Meditation Centre. Fees which include lodging & meals start at $999 CAD.

  • Registration

Book early for this meditation retreat. All registrations and inquiries can be made via the Clear Sky Registration page, by clicking the Register Now button below:

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[1] Karma Yoga is our practice of awakening in action. It may entail supporting the center and participants in the area of nourishment, environmental services, land management or infrastructure.

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