Do you want to live in a thriving, conscious community that values people above profit? Does living and working with people who also value spiritual growth and awakening sound appealing?   When it comes to the nitty gritty reality of every day life, people and personalities, we need seriously effective tools to help integrate our spiritual ideals with the real world.

Our work teaching the path of awakening occurs in community. To share this love and learning, we’ve shared here a Conscious Awakening Community video, and also compiled five tips for building, growing and thriving in conscious community. We hope this helps you grow your own community (or come and check out our conscious retreat centre).

Five Tips for Building Conscious Community:

1. Consciously choose to act from a place of intention.

The most effective starting point for a partnership or community is a place of conscious and shared intention. Without intention, we automatically default to ‘bumbling along’.

To make sure you don’t default to what’s comfortable or the status quo, have a conversation with your partnership, team or community members and make a commitment together to be intentional in the choices you make.

2. Every person is their own country.  

In other words, we don’t all speak the same language or have the same views about how we should work/live/love together.  When we remember this we can learn to treat each other with respect and work on learning each other’s ‘foreign languages’ (rather than just getting mad when someone doesn’t see things the way you do).

Watch out for those moments when you automatically expect someone to have the same thoughts, opinions or to act the same way you do and don’t take it personally when they express differing or contrary opinions.

3. Lets face it, all of our egos want control and power.

Our ego was built and shaped as a response to rejection. Around the age of two the child realizes it is ‘separate’ from the mother.

This separation is felt as painful rejection and a loss of unity. From then on the ego’s main purpose is to manipulate and control and secure power, subtly or blatantly. This is in order to get what we want, which is to feel secure and protect against feeling that same deeply painful hurt all over again. If we can acknowledge that this is our conditioning, we can start to see this when it’s in play, and not let it run blindly unchecked.

Next time you are internally plotting out the best strategy to get what you want, check in with yourself and simply notice that this is what you are doing. It doesn’t mean you are necessarily doing anything wrong, but being aware and honest with yourself will mean that you have better leverage to make the choice that is best for the group, which may be the same or different from your current plans.


Planet Dharma- Living in a Spiritual Community

4. Happiness can’t arise for me if it doesn’t arise for you.

We are all in this together. Even if you’re doing great, if your friends, partners or colleagues are not, you can’t be completely happy.  Thus, working together for the benefit of all is the surest way to ensure greater happiness for yourself and others.

The deepest joy happens when we bring real benefit to the lives of others.

5. A conscious, intentional community needs a powerful and over-arching vision.

Being in community is inevitably difficult at times. A powerful, shared vision creates the glue that holds us together when our egos want to fight, run or avoid. When we’re struggling, it’s natural to sink into our own likes, dislikes or hurt feelings. A shared vision gives us something bigger and more important to lean on in challenging times.

We hope you find these helpful. The more conscious communities there are in the world, the better–for everyone and everything.

Conscious Awakening Community: Video

A Model of Transformation and Healing For Our Times

Catherine Sensei and members of our retreat center community presented at Ubiquity University’s Humanity Rising Global Solutions Summit on Conscious Awakening Community.

In this talk, members of Clear Sky Center share real visceral stories and learnings on questions including:

  1. What is conscious awakening community and why does it matter?
  2. What practices can sustain us in challenging times?
  3. How can the path of service and generosity help us both as a profound learning, and as a generative model for working together?
  4. How do training and mentors fit with depth transformation?
  5. What are some skillful ways to integrate the shadow around money, sex and power? Why is this important? What kind of models can we co-create for generative growth, healing and community.

In this post-modern world the hunger to belong has rarely been more intense, more urgent. With many of the ancient, traditional shelters now in ruins, it is as if society has lost the art of fostering community.

— John O’Donohue, Irish poet, author, priest, and Hegelian philosopher.

Communities come and go. What are the secrets of a community that fosters human renewal, supports the best in the human spirit, and increases resilience to future challenges? How does a conscious and awakening community offer a model of transformation and healing for ourselves, our societies, and our organizations?

About our “Living Lab” for Conscious Community

Our retreat center Clear Sky, is a “living lab” and training center for the conscious awakening community. Located in the Rocky Mountains of BC, Canada, it is a supportive space for meditation, study, service, and liberating the shadow.

We co-create cutting-edge approaches to spiritual practice, community, money and the environment. Our lineage can be traced back to the Buddha, from teacher to student, and with strong roots in both Vajrayana Buddhism and Western spiritual traditions.

Drawing on this legacy we are evolving new universalist forms of depth teachings that are fit to meet the global challenges we all face.


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Awakening today.

We offer an ever-evolving modern spiritual path for committed, courageous seekers.
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Bite Sized Wisdom to inspire your week

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Awakening today.

We offer an ever-evolving modern spiritual path for committed, courageous seekers.
Explore the teachings three ways below: