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Grow from wherever you are in the world

Wherever you might be, there you will find yourself. Access Dharma Teachings with Qapel and Catherine Sensei online from anywhere in the world.

Pārami: Practices for Freedom

Weekend Retreat | Online & In-Person

We launch 2022, the Year of Integration with a weekend online retreat on the Pāramis. How do you act in the world with compassion, clarity and kindness? Discover the ‘Pāramis’ or ‘Pāramitas’, ancient qualities or ‘perfections’ to cultivate over a lifetime.

Jan 14-16

Sādhana: Practices for Power

Weekend Retreat | Online & In-Person

In Vajrayana Buddhism, initiations, empowerments or wongkur (Tib. དབང་, wang) are considered the spring from which all blessings flow.  This weekend online retreat focuses on how to properly practice the vajrayana methodologies of mantra and visualisation. 

Feb 18-20

Zen Sutras

Four Week Online Course | Online & In-Person

This four week online course covers specially selected Zen Sutras. These teachings give profound understanding of mental and physical phenomena, as well as practical methods for bringing principles of awakening into your life.

June 6-27

Breathing Meditation Retreat

Ten Day Retreat | Online & In-Person

Develop a strong and vibrant breathing meditation practice with Catherine Pawasarat Sensei. In this ten day silent group retreat we will cover meditation in the four postures.

May 20-29

Tree of Life: The Essence of Kabbalah & the Tarot

Weekend Retreat | Online & In-Person

Join us for an introduction to the ‘Tree of Life’, a map of reality from Western Mysticism and the Kabbalah tradition. From the tree we can understand the energy relationships between different areas of life.  The tarot archetypes within the tree show us our potential and growth.  

It’s creative, it’s powerful, it’s magic.

Aug. 12-14

Self Study Courses

AstroDharma and more

Explore new areas of study – including AstroDharma (a powerful blend of Astrology and Buddhism), Wake Up (a modern take on traditional paths to awakening), and Women & Buddhism (insights and tools to transform traditional gender inequity into compassion). 

Integral Spirituality: New Dimensions of Awakening

Four week course | Online

Do you experience a gap between traditional wisdom teachings and the complexities and challenges of the 21st century? Would you like to integrate all aspects of awareness, including  body, mind, spirit and shadow? And what does that really look like in practice?

Discover new dimensions of awakening in this course on Integral Spirituality. 

Oct. 17 – Nov 13

Enlighten Up!

Dharma Talks for 21st Century Life
Uncompromising, unflinching and kick-ass dharma classes. Vajrayana Teachers Qapel (Doug Duncan) and Sensei (Catherine Pawasarat) present a new topic each month. Join online from anywhere in the world.

Dharma Talks, Sundays at 3pm MST


Planet Dharma offers regular Enlighten Up! classes on dharma topics with the Teachers. Also, develop your meditation practice with guided classes and practice sessions streamed from our meditation center, Clear Sky: Dharma Classes

Awakening today.

We offer an ever-evolving modern spiritual path for committed, courageous seekers.
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Ronda Clanfield

It has been sheer joy to be a participant in the “Foundations of Buddhist Philosophy” online classes. Qapel and Sensei made the practice come alive for me in a way that was accessible and pertinent to my everyday life. And of course, I always enjoy their unfailing good humour which puts a lighter touch on what can sometimes be a very dry subject.

Ronda Clanfield
Resources Specialist, CBC National TV News (retired)
Renata Drtinova

The teachings always speak directly to me. It is uncanny. It is like hearing a language that I spoke in some other life form and suddenly it rings a bell. And bell after bell. Like a universal language that we all used to speak but have forgotten. It is as if new pathways in the brain open up – directly from the cosmos via Qapel and Sensei.



Renata Drtinova
Psychotherapist (Gestalt therapist)
Dan O’Brien

The teachers of Planet Dharma’s [online courses] aim to provide learning opportunities from age-old teachings while including modern information. Qapel and Sensei are examples of continued learning about the fascinating, yet troubled world we live in. They help one to develop ideas about how to help out and live well in society.

Dan O'Brian
Brendan Ries

Fabulous mindfulness teachers who present a variety of accessible tools for unfolding in a mutual, community inspired way. It’s great that classes can be watched in person, virtually, or within a week depending on one’s schedule. Increase the awareness, compassion, wisdom, strength, and joy in your life!

Brendan Ries
Andrea Netscher

[The online classes] are a fantastic tool for me to not get completely lost in Samsara throughout the year, especially because I don’t live in Canada. I still felt very connected and supported by the Lamas and Sangha. As a result I became much more aware of my state of mind.

Andrea Netscher