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What does it take to live a life of meaning and compassion in our busy day-to-day lives?  Tune in to get the knowledge and tools you need to help you tackle life’s biggest obstacles joyfully … if you dare!

About Dharma If You Dare

A Planet Dharma Podcast

Dharma Teachers Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat with to share with you the journey to a life of clarity and bliss.  Join them on this podcast of excerpts of their live teachings. They share ancient wisdom updated to speak to the current and evolving paradigm of spiritual awakening in our modern age.

Meet the Speakers

Dharma Teachers Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat are spiritual mentors to students internationally and at their retreat center, Clear Sky, in BC, Canada.  They are lineage holders in the Namgyal Lineage, both studying under the Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche and other teachers.

Having lived internationally for many years and traveled extensively, Doug and Catherine draw on intercultural and trans-cultural experience to broaden the range and depth of their understandings of liberation that they share with others.

Catherine Pawasarat

Catherine Pawasarat


Doug Duncan

Doug Duncan


Recent Episodes

Activate Your Creativity: Surrender to Spaciousness

In this talk from the online course Riding the Dragon, Doug and Catherine explore the concepts of Quantum Creativity and Adaptive Creativity. They discuss how imagination springs forth from spaciousness and how it is the remedy for habitual mind. Surrendering, or letting go, into this spaciousness allows us to move beyond simply running on instinct and tap into our fullest potential.

Season 3, Episode 3    |    16 min

Season 3 Trailer: Why Awaken?

Why Awaken? Today's episode explores the idea of personal vision and how it relates to spiritual unfoldment. It's part of our celebration for the upcoming release of more podcast episodes from Planet Dharma. Season 3 will begin in mid-July to celebrate Doug Sensei’s...

The spiritual life and financial well-being [37:19]

  In this podcast Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat are interviewed by Deborah Price, founder of the “The Money Coaching Institute” about their new book Wasteland to Pureland.   Together they explore topics of spirituality and economics. A big challenge for many...

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