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You are invited to enjoy our ever-growing online library of Dharma resources – including our three books, our podcast channel, youtube videos, Dharma articles and self-study courses – from anywhere in the world!

Dharma If You Dare

Living Life with Abandon

by Doug Duncan 

Humorous and accessible, this pithy book offers an empowering starting point for addressing our desire for ‘something more’.

Wasteland to Pureland

Reflections on the Path to Awakening

by Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat

There is an awakening experience that is vast and beyond words. This book is a manual of the spiritual path, elucidated via practical experience and reflections.


The Gion Festival

Exploring Its Mysteries

by Catherine Pawasarat

Catherine Sensei spent many years living in Kyoto Japan, and is an English speaking expert of the famous Gion Festival. Her book is an essential guidebook to an elaborate festival with with spiritual roots. 

Dharma if You Dare Podcast

Audio Dharma Teachings – Now in its fourth season

What does it take to live a life of meaning and compassion in our busy day-to-day lives? Tune in to get the knowledge and tools you need to help you tackle life’s biggest obstacles joyfully … if you dare.

Planet Dharma- Dharma If You Dare Podcast with Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat


52 Weekly Reflections and other inspiration from Planet Dharma.

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The Ego: A Necessary Brat

The Ego: A Necessary Brat

  The Ego: A Necessary Brat  , , 12 July, 2020 by Doug Duncan Sensei Edited by Catherine Pawasarat and Andy Rogers The Ego: A Necessary Brat Most of us cherish our independence and our freedom to decide our own values, goals, and other life choices. At the same time...

Are You Running on Empty?

Are You Running on Empty?

In order for you to have wisdom, one of the first things required is some space between you and your objects. We call that emptiness.

Awakening Now

Planet Dharma’s Youtube Channel

Watch video excerpts of classes, retreats and courses given by Planet Dharma’s founding Dharma Teachers Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat Senseis.

Self Study Dharma Courses

Intro to AstroDharma Course

Intro to AstroDharma

Awakening Through Astrology

Astrology and Buddhism?! These are two powerful tools to help us better understand ourselves as individuals, our lives, the nature of being human, and the universe around us.

Intro to AstroDharma is an online self-study program developed by Catherine Pawasarat Sensei.

Details and registration: AstroDharma Self-Study Course.

Wake Up

Four Paths to Spiritual Awakening

This is a course for those searching for deeper insights and meaning in our world. Planet Dharma’s Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat distill a life-changing practice into four core paths that you can apply to your home, work and relationships. Wake Up beckons to those looking for a path to spiritual awakening in the modern world. 

Details and registration: Wake Up Course


The Amazing Practice of Generosity

The Amazing Practice of Generosity

Dana and Generosity

This online self-study course introduces the practice of generosity (dāna in Sanskrit). Combining theory with practical examples and real-life stories, the course looks at why generosity is the foundation of a spiritual life, and the many benefits of this profound and beautiful practice.

Details and registration: Generosity Course