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Razor’s Edge: The Dance of Absolute & Relative Truths

This weekend course is a precious opportunity to study with meditation master and Namgyal lineage teacher Qapel (Achariya Doug Duncan). He will share fundamental Buddhist teachings on the nature of absolute and relative truths, and how we can best dance between, within and amidst the two.

Interdependent Origination: Paṭiccasamuppāda

Would you like to look more closely at what makes you 'you' - how phenomena and perception arise? Then join us for a weekend of study of the wheel of dependent origination - a a powerful map for understanding consciousness.  This is a foundational philosophical doctrine shared by all schools of Buddhism. Recommended for students of all levels. 

The Power of Sangha & Group Guru

Sangha are the people working alongside you to wake up. We can use each other to pull ourselves out of the mires of suffering. This four week course will be a modern approach to sangha and group guru, during which we will look at the interplay between the collective, the individual and liberation.