Appointments with Us

Welcome to our appointments page for booking one-on-one interviews with us. We warmly invite you to connect with us in this way when you have more personal or in-depth questions that can’t be addressed in our courses and retreats.

New here? If you have not met Qapel (Doug Duncan) or Catherine Pawasarat Sensei before, we invite you to first connect with one of our Teacher attendants and senior students. Please get in touch via the email form on our contact page.

Existing Students (if you have attended classes or retreats already)

If you would like to meet with us in person or by Skype, we ask that you engage with the following:

1. Bring your questions. As best you can, prepare your questions in advance, bring questions you have wrestled with and explored already on your own, and come with openness and curiosity.

2. Take the opportunity to cultivate your practice of dāna. As with our other teachings, personal interviews are offered according to the practice of dāna, a mutual exchange of generosity and abundance between teachers and students. An opportunity to offer dāna is provided on the next page.

3. Book your appointment. When you are ready to go ahead, click on the appropriate “offer dana and book appointment” button. It will bring you to a guided dāna practice page, and then to a booking page that will provide you with several options for dates and times. To give enough options, please select three alternative dates and times. Dates and times that are spread out from one another make for quicker and more successful appointment scheduling. The teachers will respond to your request as soon as they’re able.