Dharma If You DareAre you looking for something more? Happiness? Meaning? Challenge? Transformation? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then keep reading. Doug Duncan Sensei’s pithy book, Dharma if you Dare, offers an empowering starting point for addressing these common desires.

This humorous and accessible book allows you to explore how you contribute to your own feelings of longing and dissatisfaction while providing practical tools – based in the Tibetan Karma Kagyu lineage and other wisdom traditions – which help you to free your mind. Dharma if you Dare offers concrete examples and illuminating metaphors compassionately intended to help you speedily reconnect with your real purpose for being here — awakening in this lifetime. Here’s a sneak peak into some of the book’s insightful and liberating lessons:

Awakening if your birthright

Do you feel as though you’re running in circles?

There was a point in your life when you needed to run. But you’ve done that already. You can’t keep running. Its time to stop, turn around, and meet whatever you’re afraid of.

Are you struggling to find your calling?

When you don’t know what your calling is, it’s because your highest motivation is to get pleasure or avoid struggle.

Why meditate?

The purpose of meditation is to get a little key into a little lock to open the door to freedom.

What is meditation?

In the beginning, meditation is mostly finding out what it’s not. It isn’t your internal dialogues; it isn’t the feelings that arise. Meditation is the process of watching those things become apparent until eventually your whole makeup is revealed.

It doesn’t matter if you are a practicing Buddhist or just interested in finding greater meaning in your life. This small book is chockfull of ideas and suggestions for personal exploration. – Linda Hochstetler

Dharma If You Dare presents teachings on the fundamentals of Buddhism that are clearly and simply stated, and easily applicable, in any tradition. This is a short but sweet resource that can help kick-start a reorientation towards the much neglected spiritual side of our lives. – Gerald Giuliani

You will come to recognize more deeply how the power of small things can make a world of difference in your life and the lives of others. Doug Duncan shows us how living your calling can be easier than we think- and If you follow his witty and practical insights, you’ll find that these techniques really work. – Michelle Heinz

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What others say about Doug Duncan, Dharma Teacher & Author

Gentle and rough, compassionate beyond being nice, incredibly focused on the welfare of all, powerfully insightful, and willing to do whatever it takes to wake people up: That is what I witnessed in 7 years of living and traveling with Doug Sensei.  It led to the deepest transformations of my life.  
Paul Jaffe
Retired Professor & Meditation Teacher
In 2003, I attended a class by Doug Duncan and I knew with full certainty that what he was saying was the closest I had ever come to "truth". I wanted more and I wanted what he had.
Michelle Heinz
Executive Director / Clear Sky Centre
I asked Doug Sensei to be my teacher after only spending 3 short weekends with him over the course of several months. Why? Because the growth and unfoldment I saw in myself immediately after each of these weekends was so huge that I realized I had found an extremely powerful way to move myself forward. Today, years later, my decision is validated again and again. I still find myself getting brighter, more functional and more loving and compassionate after each interaction with Sensei.
Christopher Lawley
Teacher & Founder / StaffRoom Wellness
I met Doug Sensei for the first time in October 2004 in Tokyo. Since then every step of this wonderful journey with him has been a learning of what is awakening and what is compassion.
Antony Chauvet
IT Consultant
I am constantly strengthening my practice with the reflection of his teachings and insightful guidance ringing in my ears. It's Sensei's genuine desire to be of service and his deep dedication to the transformative awakening of our higher nature that makes him such a brilliant teacher.
Wendy Stauffer
Owner / Villa Sumaya