Affiliated Dharma Communities

Our Dharma community extends internationally, with students of Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat teaching in urban settings. If you are so lucky to live near one of our sangha centers, we highly recommend you immerse yourself in their local programs.

Awaken in Toronto

Toronto, Canada

Awaken in Toronto is a dedicated community of individuals committed to awakening in this lifetime. We work together to overcome the isolation of contemporary urban life, and create a space where we can safely explore the workings of our minds.

We have a weekly meditation class, and host regular discussion groups on topics such as abundance, and death & dying.

Dharma Europe

UK, Germany, Italy, France

Details about Dharma Europe coming soon.

Dharma Hub Calgary

Calgary, Alberta

Details about Calgary Dharma Hub coming soon.

Despertando no Brasil


Details coming soon.

Nelson Meditation

Nelson, BC

Details coming soon.

Clear Sky Center and Local Area

East Kootenay, Cranbrook

Details coming soon.