Diamond clarity is our natural state of being.

The Diamond Sutra explains how a clear and strong consciousness cuts through foggy or disillusioned mind states to reveal wisdom and ultimate truth. In this talk, Doug Sensei uses the metaphor of clothing to explain how conditioning and previous karma cover up the diamond clarity of our natural state of being.
The Diamond Sutra is also the focus of the first Planet Dharma online course of 2020, Diamond Realization: Clarity in an Unclear World. Taking place over 4 weeks in January, this course can be joined live or via recordings during that time. There are also optional Master Classes and an at-home weekend-long retreat available for a more immersive experience. You can learn more at planetdharma.com/diamond.
In 2020, Planet Dharma will be holding 4 online courses over the course of the year, along with various in-person retreats and public teachings. To learn more about these events, visit planetdharma.com/2020.