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AstroDharma Community Call

March 24

AstroDharma Community Call

Online |March 24, 2024, 10am MT

Are you a current or previous student of AstroDharma studies with Catherine Pawasarat Sensei? If so, Sensei invites you to join a community call to deepen your work with this tool that bridges Western transpersonal astrology and the wisdom of Buddhadharma. This Community Call is an opportunity to have your own AstroDharma questions answered and benefit from hearing the questions of others in the community.


 AstroDharma Community Call

After a successful pilot event in the fall of 2023 with participants from last summer’s weekend intensive, we are hosting another community Q&A call with Sensei on March 24, 2024 and extending an invitation to the wider AstroDharma community. 


We know how helpful it can be to engage with others while we are learning. Working away on any self-study course alone can be challenging, especially in an interactive and relational subject like AstroDharma. We imagine you might have some burning questions to ask that have been sparked by the material you’ve covered so far. The AstroDharma Community Call is an opportunity to explore your AstroDharma questions as a group. Students are invited to submit their questions in advance and Sensei will offer her unique wisdom and guidance in person at the event.


Catherine Pawasarat Sensei developed AstroDharma as a unique tool that synthesizes Buddhist teachings on spiritual awakening with Western Astrology.

In the following short video, Sensei talks about how to get the most out of AstroDharma and what makes her approach unique:

Buddharma and Western Astrology are powerful systems that can be applied to help us better understand ourselves and the archetypal patterns in our lives. The invitation to “Know Thyself” remains at the core of western philosophy while the Buddhist meditation system offers us a map of consciousness that liberates us from identifying with a literal, fixed self. Working in the signature Planet Dharma universalist approach, Sensei guides us through an interpretation of the natal astrological chart by applying Buddhist wisdom so we can transform our lives. 

This lens empowers us to recognize not only our own patterns and values but also those of others. The wisdom that ripens as a result leads us right into the magic of transformation. AstroDharma offers a unique path for the present day spiritual explorer to engage with the symbolic energies of astrology.

Join us in a community exploration of how to apply AstroDharma in our lives. Come and gain new tools to meet challenges and free up energy in your being!

Meet the Teacher

Catherine Pawasarat Sensei

Catherine Pawasarat Sensei is a contemporary Dharma teacher, attendant, consort, co-teacher via Planet Dharma and co-founder of Clear Sky Retreat Center. In addition to Buddhist philosophy and its applications to daily life, Catherine also draws on generative living and universal spiritual tools including transpersonal astrology and Japanese arts.

She has trained daily with Acariya Doug Duncan since 1998 in an intensive spiritual apprenticeship that is rare in the modern West. She received lay ordination from Namgyal Rinpoche in 2003. 

More About Sensei | About the Lineage

Want to Study AstroDharma?

Planet Dharma- Intro to AstroDharma

If you’re not enrolled yet,  we invite you to enrol in Intro to AstroDharma.

Community Call Details

Time and Location

This online community call will take place at 10am Mountain Time on March 24th.  Please arrive to the Zoom call a few minutes early so we can start on time. 

Participants are expected to attend the call live.  We have arranged class times to be comfortable for most time zones. However we understand that in certain time zones, the call might occur after midnight in some regions, so if this is the case for you, please let us know when you register. Then we can provide a recording.

While this offering has been created to support those who have already participated in the self-study course or past astrodharma retreats, if you feel this event is a good fit for you, please email [email protected] to request permission to join. 

Contemplate your learning so far, and reflect on any burning questions related to AstroDharma, particularly with practical application to your life. A link to our Q&A submission form will be provided upon registration; you are invited to submit your questions there.

More details will be sent to you upon registration.

What Does the Call Cost?

This call is offered by dāna to the Teacher:

You may have come across this elsewhere in the form of “pay from the heart”. Dāna is a Sanskrit term meaning “generosity”. With dāna, we give as a mutual exchange of generosity. It’s our joy to offer this course, and we trust you’ll match our time, energy, and passion by giving an amount of money that feels good and healthy to both you and us.

The dharma has been built on generosity. No-one is excluded for lack of funds but it is also extremely beneficial to give as much as you are able

As we’re committed to ensuring everyone has access to the Dharma, please feel comfortable to give less if you are not financially secure.  Another form of giving dāna is to offer service, and if you are interested in providing support in a non-financial way, we invite you to contact us.

Conversely, if you are financially secure, we invite you to generate merit by providing more financial support to the Triple Gem. Contributions like these make the difference in supporting our teachers, teachings, and center.

Learn more about the practice of dāna here.




If you have questions about this community call, please contact the Planet Dharma Registrar: [email protected]

We work hard to support the online learning experience.

  • We have been delivering online offerings since 2012 and are always looking for new ways to optimize your experience.
  • Classes are live-streamed and some recordings are available for a certain time.
  • HD cameras and professional audio equipment provide high quality video streaming.

What Do Previous Retreatants Say?

Jenai Lieu

These are ancient teachings that I feel are important to understand if someone is serious about meditation. I appreciate Qapel and Sensei’s unrelenting perseverance to teach about the roots and traditions of these life changing practices. They explore the rich history with us and also deliver the material in a very understandable and relevant way.

Jenai Lieu
Psychology student, Canada
Kira MacDuffee

Working with Qapel and Sensei at the five day hero’s journey workshop was deeply impactful and has clarified not only my deepest heart’s desire, but what I need to overcome to manifest it. They are extraordinary facilitators with a great depth of knowledge, wisdom and presence to share.

Kira MacDuffee
M.Ed / RCC
Dr. Duncan Cryle

Doing karma yoga, I watch how everyone gains new insights.  These many “a-ha moments” makes it clear to me that this type of active dharma training is a path that brings the modern spiritual explorer alive and moves them forward.

Dr. Duncan Cryle
Ph.D IBM executive, Clear Sky Accountability Officer
Evangelos Diavolitsis

Qapel and Sensei have consistently been honest, accurate and candid with me. It has sometimes taken me years to admit my self-sabotaging blind spots. Clear and radical self-honesty liberates my sticky parts. Thank you to my master teachers for helping me free up all the energy knots – especially the ones created from unconscious patterning around money, sex and power.

Evangelos Diavolitsis
Peter Ujlaki

Qapel and Sensei are always burning calories to get you back on a path that can lead toward greater self-awareness. When I am with these two very clear individuals, I am humbled by their dedication to others, and understand the every-waking-moment responsibility that comes with their calling.

Peter Ujlaki
Fine Art Dealer, Japan
Cara Conroy-Lau

Doug and Catherine teach the Vajrayana with great skill and means. Their ability to shift, weave and embrace each moment with diverse types of students is amazing. One of the jewels they teach and transmit is deity practice, or arising yoga. I have experienced many of their wongkur initiations and find them to be powerful and liberative experiences that also provide tools of great value in my day-to-day practice.

Cara Conroy-Lau

Free AstroDharma Resources 

Free AstroDharma Resources

We’d like to gift you three AstroDharma resources that we’ve found very helpful. Subscribe to get the following tools, direct to your inbox:

  1. AstroDharma Reference Chart (Handy printable guide)
  2. The 3 Most Important Parts of Your Chart (Video)
  3. AstroDharma and Relationships (Video)

AstroDharma free resources

How We Use AstroDharma

For spiritual seekers looking to grow, the unique combination of Buddhism and Transpersonal Astrology speed us up on our spiritual path.

At our meditation centre, we use Western astrology alongside Buddhist philosophy and meditation practice.  This helps our students transform their challenges more effectively.

There are five key aspects of AstroDharma study:
1. Understand how to read your own astrological birth chart.
2. Harness and develop its positive elements wisely.
3. Recognize and overcome elements that may be out-of-balance.
4. Use this knowledge to redirect your energy into more effective patterns of living.
5. Use meditation and ideally work with teachers and a spiritual community to go deeper and fully investigate and liberate the subtle patterns and conditioning.


Teacher Bio

Catherine Pawasarat

Since the early 2000s Catherine has provided dharma training and taught the path of awakening to hundreds of students, together with Doug Duncan Sensei and on her own. In addition to Astrology and Buddhist philosophy and their applications to daily life, Catherine also draws on generative living (a.k.a. sustainability) and the arts.

Catherine is from a lineage of spiritual awakening that values the best of Eastern and Western philosophy. Her partner Doug Duncan Sensei and their teacher Namgyal Rinpoche excel in teaching both methods. This is an ideal training for Westerners, and an evolution of traditional teachings for the modern seeker.

In addition to Planet Dharma and Clear Sky, her website shares her ground-breaking work on the spiritual traditions and sustainability of Kyoto’s 1100-year-old Gion Festival.

Free AstroDharma Resources – Join our Community

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March 24
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