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Brazil Dharma Trip and Meditation Retreat 2014

April 19, 2014 - May 5, 2014

Explore the Dharma in Brazil at this combined Dharma Trip and Meditation Retreat with Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat.

Dharma Trip Schedule

Saturday, April 19 – Monday, April 21: We will spend time exploring Sao Paulo city and the wider environs of Sao Paulo state, including attractions such as museums, walks, Atlantic rain forest, dance, amazing food, caves, beaches and cultural events.
Tuesday April 22 – Wednesday April 23: further exploration with the teachers, or free individual exploration time.
Thursday April 24 – Daytime exploration.
Thursday April 24 – Evening public class – “How to be in a good state”
Have you ever studied what conditions are present when you are in a good state? Imagine you could be in a good state 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And you can. Join Doug Sensei and Catherine Pawasarat to find out more about maintaining a positive wholesome state in every moment.
Friday April 25 – Daytime exploration.
Friday April 25 – Evening public class – “Modern paths to spiritual awakening”
Awakening is the cure for our modern world.  Awakening brings bliss, clarity and joy. Awakening heals the planet and all beings. But how do you awaken? Join Doug Sensei and Catherine Pawasarat describe the modern paths to spiritual awakening, with particular focus on karma yoga, the path of awakening through action.
Saturday April 26 – Exploration
Saturday April 26  – Public class: “Transforming anger into love
Do you have the strength to stand back, breathe when there is rage, anger and wild emotions coursing through your being?   “How could he”, “I cannot believe she said that”, “that is not fair”. The thoughts can go on and on. The stories we build up in our head create heaps of suffering. Do these negative emotions contribute to love and peace within you and the other person?   No!  Are you curious how to transform anger, ill will and unhappiness into love and compassion?  Join Doug Sensei and Catherine Pawasarat  teach on transforming our negative emotions into liberation.
Sunday April 27 –Wednesday April 30 – Trip to explore wider Brazil. Exact trip to be confirmed, but may include Rio, the Atlantic rainforest, Brasilia, the world heritage cerrado, or other attractions.
Friday May 2 – Drive to Casa Namgyal, a Namgyal retreat centre in the quiet rolling countryside 2.5 hours from Sao Paulo for retreat.

Meditation Retreat at Casa Namgyal

Saturday May 3 – Sunday May 4 2014

2-day meditation retreat and Namgyal Wongkur at Casa Namygal –  What is enlightenment and how can I do it?
When there is too much energy in the being, attention to detail can go awry and you may miss an important detail at a business meeting at work. If there is too much identity in the outcome of a particular action, true joy cannot be felt.  Imagine a life where your mind has been trained to be truly equanimous. Imagine a mind where inner resistance to people and situations in life is zero. Just true acceptance of what life presents, resting in full presence and awareness without taking it personally.  A life beyond your wildest dreams. Take a leap in faith and come join Doug Sensei and Catherine Pawasarat for this 2-day retreat.
The retreat will provide an opportunity to explore more deeply the topics from the public classes: the 7 factors of consciousness; the paths of awakening; and the transformation of conflicting emotions and partial views.  Doug Sensei and Catherine will teach on awareness, calm, investigation, concentration, energy, equanimity and joy and how they balance each other out to produce a wholesome state.
On May 4th the trip ends after the retreat.

Please contact Karen for full details, inquiries, and pricing.


April 19, 2014
May 5, 2014
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Casa Namgyal
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