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Japan Annual Year-Launching Retreat: Guru Yoga

December 25, 2013 - January 4, 2014

Wednesday, Dec 25, 2013 – Saturday, Jan 4, 2014

Join us as we begin the year by deepening our commitment to awakening in this lifetime.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Dharma and the maxim that we are all already awakened are enjoying much popularity nowadays. Certainly each of us is responsible for our own awakening, and there’s truth to the concept that we’re awakened already… but the nature of a blind spot is that it is blind. The role of the guru or guide on the Path is to bring sight to the blind, or shine light on what is dark, our shadow. The path of guru yoga — also known as karma yoga, service, or dharma training — comprises a very dynamic and rapid way to wake up. This retreat takes advantage of the Japanese temple setting to provide an environment conducive to hours of meditative practice daily, while the teachings will explore our resistances to getting over conflicting emotions and trouble-causing views that keep us asleep. The Buddha, in his time, was hailed as a ‘trainer’ rather than a teacher. Thus we know that the training is key to waking us up from the sleepwalking autopilot of our conditioning, and for speeding up our awakening process.

The annual year-end retreat in Japan is renowned for the depth of the practice and the supporting conditions — world-class teachings, a seasoned sangha with many years of meditating together, a traditional Shingon temple in the countryside, and the influence of Zen culture all around you in Japan.

Email Nicole to register for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meditate and receive contemporary teachings of awakening in a Japanese Buddhist context.


December 25, 2013
January 4, 2014
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Zofukuji Temple
Miki City, Hyogo Japan + Google Map


Nicole Porter