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Seven Rays of Healing with Medicine Buddha (Online + CS & Germany Residential)

September 25, 2021 - October 2, 2021

Seven Rays of Healing with Medicine Buddha

Meditation Retreat| Sept 25 - Oct 2 2021| Online, Germany & Canada

This retreat is an opportunity, for any meditator, of any level, to go deeper to the essence of healing.  Through the Seven Rays of Healing (from the Western Mysteries traditions) and sense based meditations, discover how to experience deeper foundations of vitality and health. 


Seven Rays of Healing Retreat

How can we heal? How can we feel healthy and whole?

Every wisdom tradition around the world holds that true healing comes through an understanding of the nature of reality. Part of this entails learning to discern between—and dance together with—both absolute reality and relative reality.

The true challenge of a human life is to be able to live, work, love, and dance in both relative and absolute reality at the same time. One or the other takes the foreground or background as appropriate. The system of the Seven Rays of Healing helps us understand the true nature of relative reality, while bridging to absolute reality. Then we are ready to experience absolute reality, primarily through the methodology of meditation.

What are the Seven Rays of Healing?

The Seven Rays of Healing use the chakra system of ancient India combined with aspects of Theosophical philosophy. This system helps us understand the different ways we manifest in the world. Moreover, it helps us learn how to reorient our approach and engagement with the parts of our lives represented by the seven rays, to embody greater love, compassion and understanding. In other words, it helps us learn to realize our spiritual essence.

Using meditation, creative, and somatic exercises, we’ll bring relative and absolute realities together within one’s own being, to manifest the heart and mind of spiritual realization.

Medicine Buddha Empowerment

On the last day of the retreat, there will also be a special Medicine Buddha empowerment given. According to Mahayana teachings, the Medicine Buddha cures all diseases, including those of ignorance. Its function is to free living beings from the three mental poisons, hatred, greed and confusion. 

To make an offering and download the prayer booklet for the empowerment click here or use the button below.

This is your opportunity to meet and study with Dharma Teachers and Spiritual Mentors, Qapel and Sensei. 

This retreat will be held in the heart of Germany, in Schannenbach, 60km from Frankfurt and Heidelburg,

As well at our magnificent Clear Sky Retreat Centre, Canada and Online.

To register for the in person retreat in Germany please email Andrea Netscher at [email protected].

medicine buddha healing retreat

What to Bring

To facilitate your meditations on the senses, there are some items we ask you to bring to the retreat.  Please register as soon as possible so you have time to prepare those items. The list will be sent to registrants soon after registering.

The retreat in Germany will be held at a lovely place called “Haus Sonnentau” which means “House Sundew”. Check out the place for yourself.


Meet the Teachers

Catherine Pawasarat
Catherine Pawasarat
Doug Duncan
Doug Duncan

Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat are Dharma and meditation teachers who founded Clear Sky Meditation Centre, BC, Canada.

Achariya Doug Duncan received lay ordination from Namgyal Rinpoche in 1978, and is a lineage holder in that teaching. Known for his direct, humourous and compassionate engagement with students, Doug embraces various traditions, contemporary psychology, and science, to mentor all beings to a more awakened state.

Catherine Pawasarat has trained daily with Acariya Doug Duncan since 1998 in an intensive spiritual apprenticeship that is rare in the modern West. She received lay ordination from Namgyal Rinpoche in 2003. In addition to Buddhist philosophy and its applications to daily life, Catherine also draws on generative living and the arts. With Doug she is co-founder of Clear Sky Retreat Center in the BC Rockies.

What Do Previous Retreatants Say?

During retreats with Doug and Catherine I was led to confront hidden parts of myself, unaware that they were affecting me so deeply. Shadow work helped me acknowledge new strengths and wisdom that were within me all along. After retreat I left feeling freer and more confident about my spiritual practice.

Shant Dolbakian, Toronto

Video Producer, Toronto

My recent retreat experience has been incredibly beautiful, challenging and transformative. The teachers are an inspiration in all ways.

Ava MacLean, British Columbia

Communications Professional,

It is one thing to hear or read the Dharma and understand it intellectually. This retreat went so much further than that, as I found myself receiving realizations of the teachings on a visceral basis, going far beyond simply understanding.

Bob Abramms

Founder, ODT Maps

**Covid-19 Update: This retreat now has three retreat options – live at Clear Sky, live in Germany, or as an online retreatant

Course Details


This course is offered by Qapel & Sensei based on the ancient principle of generosity, or Dāna. You may have come across this is the form of “pay from the heart”. Dāna is a Sanskrit term meaning “generosity”. With dāna, we give as a mutual exchange of generosity. It’s their joy to offer this course, and we trust you’ll match their time, energy, and passion by giving an amount of money that feels good and healthy.

Daily Schedule

  • Daily Class & Teachings: 5pm in Germany, 9am MST
  • Meditation (Q&A) : 10.00pm in Germany, 2.00pm MST


  • Online Retreatant Admin Fee: CA$200 (approx € 135)Sangha - Online meditation Classes

  • Germany Residential Fee: €695 (includes Food, Accommodation & technical support).   
  • Reatret

  • Clear Sky Residential Fees (Incl. Food & Accomodation – please contact Clear Sky via the registration button below. Planet Dharma- Flash Retreat , Sangha, Group, Community

Teachers receive no income from these administration fees. They offer their teaching on the basis of generosity, or Dāna, which you will have an opportunity to give when you register.

To register for the in person retreat in Germany please email Andrea Netscher at [email protected].


meditation teachers group

What’s Expected of Me if I join this Retreat?

An open mind and heart, and a spirit of adventure are excellent things to bring!

It’s human to have some apprehensions about doing something new, meeting new people, or going to a new place. Particularly when all three happen together. We try to make this as supportive as possible.

When exploring our growth edges, it’s natural to feel uncertain and awkward. And it’s very fruitful to transform that emotional tension into creative energy by drawing on your own inner resources – such as inquiry, going with the flow, and self-reflection, just a few of the many kinds of constructive engagement.

To maximize your experience, we ask that you refrain from reading, using the internet or listening to music during the course. We make an exception for journaling, course assignments and group celebration.

Lastly, our teachers Quapel and Sensei operate based on the ancient tradition of Dana or Generosity. Please learn more about this profound practice before you register.

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September 25, 2021
October 2, 2021
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Haus Sonnentau
Am Hochmoor 16
Lautertal (Odenwald), Schannenbach 64686 Germany
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