Monthly Dāna

Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat

As a spiritual seeker, you probably want some relief from suffering. New ways to look at your life and approaches to your day to day struggles. You recognize the incredible value of learning with and from masters that have gone through similar challenges and that now act like guides to help you see clearer, quicker.

Do you know that Doug and Catherine dedicate their whole life to teach dharma and to help students to relieve sufferings? That’s really their mandate.

Do you want to be part of the supportive force behind this effort to bring light to the world? You can act upon this noble aspiration through our monthly dāna program that is designed to offer you an opportunity to do just that.

After you sign up to the program, your monthly dāna will go directly to support the teachers and their dharmic activities. You will be benefited by the merits generated by your act of generosity and the support of dharma.


Why give monthly?

We are all practicing generosity and supporting dharma in some ways. Yet sometimes our dāna is limited to just the occasions when we are interacting with the teachers or participating in dharma activities.  This can have an effect of our dāna practice feeling somewhat transactional as if we are paying for teachings – which is exactly the limited model we are trying to transcend.  Giving monthly is a way to shift this to a year round offering less tied to a specific interview or teaching.

The monthly dāna also enables us to support the teachers and their dharma activities even when we are not needing anything from them. This supports them to teach and train other students with a stronger and more predictable financial support structure.

Giving monthly program can help our generosity practice flow like a river, constantly and surely, to a wide open ocean of awakening.


Easy to participate

To participate is easy. From the dāna page, after you click on dāna bowl, from the Paypal’s screen simply select ‘Make this a monthly donation’.

If you are using interac eTransfer (to [email protected]) from your bank’s online banking website, you could select Monthly in the Frequency (one of the transfer options).  Different banks might have different ways to word the same option.