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In-Person Training

Roll up your sleeves and jump in.

While we love online learning, it can’t compare to live, in-person dharma teachings with Teachers and a community (sangha). Experiential learning, especially for longer periods, is where wisdom develops, taking you beyond knowledge. We invite you to meet us, via meditation retreats, public classes and intensive program at our centre.

Two Weeks of Zen

Dec 17-31

Winter Meditation Retreat

The Buddha used a simple flower as a teaching of the profound nature of things as they are: so uncomplicated, so immediate, and so very difficult to explain. Come see for yourself, on this two week Zen meditation retreat that will focus on the experience of zen.

Tantric Deep Dive

Aug 13-15

A Week of Empowerments & 16th Anniversary

Lamas Doug and Catherine Sensei will bestow 12 Vajrayana initiations or empowerments (also called Tib. དབང་, wang or Wongkur). This week of initiations empowers you to practice some rarely given meditations on the radiant forms of deities.

3-Month Intensive Program

Clear Sky Meditation Centre, BC Canada
Our Three Month Intensive Program brings spiritual awakening into the modern context – by integrating karma yoga, meditation, psychology, environment, career, and community.

This program is for those who appreciate that the most challenging experiences are also the most rewarding. Located at our home meditation centre, Clear Sky.


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Three Vital Points

1-Week Meditation Retreat

The UK sangha is still writing their course description… it should be in our hands any day now.

Aug 13-15


Summer Meditation Retreat

Breathing. You can’t beat it, for life, and as a meditation practice. Breathing meditation is suitable for all types of people. It develops, concentration, calm, bliss and insight – altogether leading to awakening and healing. This will be offered at Clear Sky, BC, as well as online, due to potential travel restrictions.

Aug 13-15

7 Rays of Healing

Eight Day Meditation Retreat in Germany

The Seven Rays of Healing help us learn to embody greater love, compassion and understanding. Using meditation, creative, and somatic exercises, we’ll bring relative and absolute realities together within one’s own being, to manifest the heart and mind of spiritual realization.

Aug 13-15

Affiliated Dharma Communities

Our Dharma community extends internationally, with students of Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat teaching in urban settings. If you are so lucky to live near one of our sangha centers, we highly recommend you immerse yourself in their local programs.

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