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Doug Duncan & Catherine Pawasarat Retreat Centre


Can I meet with Doug and/or Catherine Sensei?


The short answer? It depends. And you don’t know how much we’d like to be able to just say, “Of course.”


The long answer is this: we’re honored to be meeting so many people with spiritual aspirations. However our time – like yours – is finite and we’d like to help as many people as possible. To do that well, we ask you to read the below.


We’re dedicated to a generative – that is, better than sustainable! – work schedule, to having time and energy for our family and community, for the Planet Dharma and Clear Sky teams, for our students, and fellow practitioners. Meeting new people may be a part of that (it’s also something we really enjoy).


Our request: if you’re asking to spend time with us, please do these four things:


1. If you’re new to us, please watch our videos, read our blogs, listen to our podcasts. Get a real sense of who we are and what we’re about. Specifically we recommend this video about the Path of Awakening in Action (Karma Yoga) and this blog on gaining greater freedom via Karma Yoga & Dharma Training, so you can get the background for who we are and what we do. You may also be interested in learning about our (truly wonderful) retreat center, Clear Sky.


2. If you’re familiar with our teachings or have done #1 above, you know that we teach entirely on the basis of dāna, the ancient Buddhist practice of generosity. It’s important that you begin to get familiar with this practice, as it’s central to the path of awakening and to everything we do. We suggest reading this article about dāna and these dāna guidelines.


3. Join our Office Hours. While you may not understand all the questions and answers that people ask during that time, you’ll get a feel for who we are, how we work, and we may be able to answer your question there. This way we know you’re serious enough to put some of your own time into our budding relationship, and has the added bonus of others benefiting from your question.


4. If you’d still like to meet, tell us a little bit about your spiritual practice, your aspiration, your background related to your practice, and why would you like to meet with us. We want to hear a very specific intention that you’re bringing to a potential meeting. “Hanging out” or “just wanting to meet” is not a specific intention. We designed the form at the bottom of this page to help us get to know you and your needs and interests better.


We can then reflect on what and how we could best serve you. Some possible responses:


  • Sure, let’s meet.
  • Let’s meet on the phone or Skype rather than in person.
  • We’d like you to meet with someone else in our spiritual community or organization who can help you.
  • Good question! Here’s an article or other resource of ours that we believe will answer that question.
  • That’s a great question that would benefit other people to learn from. Please bring it to our Office Hours to share it with us and others.


There are a few things you can do that will get our attention more easily:”


  • Talk to us on Facebook. If we get to used to seeing and hearing from you then we’re going to know each other better. Please note that social media is not the place for private messages – share those in the form below.
  • Subscribe to our blog, join our email list, attend our bi-monthly Office Hours. Get engaged. If you’ve read our blogs or Dharma If You Dare or attended teachings or courses, we really appreciate your interest, support, and desire for awakening. Let us know if you have when you reach out.
  • Have a clear intention or proposal for something that will benefit Planet Dharma and our community of practitioners.


In short, we enjoy meeting new people, and can’t meet everyone we’d like. Let us get to know you ahead of time through our Office Hours or our Facebook Page. And bring a clear intention when you do want to meet.


Please know this has been challenging for us to clarify with ourselves, to write, and to post here. Our intention is not to be difficult to access, but simply to create a balanced life that serves awakening and benefits beings as best we can, while also getting you and others the resources you need for your spiritual unfoldment.


We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know one another better.


Use this handy form. Feel free to ask any question, and if you’d like to really get our attention and our appreciation, tell us about any bugs, typos, broken links, or issues you noticed with our website.


We try to respond as promptly as we can, and sometimes teaching a course or travel or other matters may delay our reply. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


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