The Paramis

Assets Beyond Measure

Practicing the Six Pāramī – Perfections (virtues).

The six paramis are aspects of consciousness that have been taught in buddhadharma for more than two thousand years. They allow practitioners to become their own inner and outer works of art.  Paramis are the qualities that we can grow to feel internally grounded and to act from a positive, wholesome place in our relationships with others.

Every meditative practice in our tradition, at some point, leads back to the pāramī, also known as “The Six Perfections”. They offer a flawless path that carries us straight to spiritual enlightenment. It’s a simple, beautiful, and powerful path that offers a refuge in these busy, information-heavy times.

These are qualities that we develop so that we easily access them at will throughout the day.

  1. Generosity (Dāna) – the act of giving, the practice of being generous.
  2. Ethical Conduct (Sīla) – This translates to coolness. It means you are unruffled. If your conscious is clear, you take it all in stride. If you are cool it means that your behaviour has integrity.
  3. Patience (Khanti) – Things have their own time.
  4. Energy (Viriya) – The universe does not run out of energy. Investigate why you do.
  5. Meditative Absorptions (Dhyāna) – including engaged interest.
  6. Wisdom (Prajñā) – This is the result of the previous five perfections.

 Or, how to not let the Zombies eat you in the apocalypse.

Looking for more on the Paramis?

Watch or Listen: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse and Becoming a work of Art through the Paramis

Upcoming Pārami Courses:

Pārami: Practices for Freedom – January 14-16, 2022

An online or in-person weekend retreat on the Pārami, led by Catherine Pawasarat Sensei.


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