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We’ve consciously curated a selection of innovators who are doing outstanding, transformative work in their field. Whether it’s through conversations, career or relationship with money, all of these tools will enrich your spiritual development and your life, helping us all spend more time in the Pureland, the world we’d like to live in.


Mindfulness for Life: Essentials of Buddhist Meditation

Naropa University’s e-course, with Frank Berliner This unique course provides insight and clear guidance into developing a successful meditation practice. This study illuminates practical concepts from the Buddhist tradition and includes instruction on posture and breath, guided meditation sessions and supplemental reading.



Conscious Love: Tools for Growth Filled Relationships

Planet Dharma’s Conscious Love Audio Course with Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat.  How do you ensure your relationships are conscious, alive and growing? In this series of recordings, discover inspiring and practical exercises that will help you fully show up in your personal relationships and daily life.


Magic: A Scientific Resurrection of an Esoteric Legend

Magic: A Video Seminar with Dean Radin, PhD. Is magic real? Hear the scientific evidence showing that the answer is yes, and what that means for a post-modern understanding of reality. Presented by Dean Radin, PhD, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and Associated Distinguished Professor of Integral and Transpersonal Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).


The Clean Money Revolution

The Clean Money Revolution by Joel Solomon.  Fundamental change is undoubtedly necessary for transforming capitalism and healing the planet. The Clean Money Revolution has been called “aspirational, unsettling and demanding.” Author and social finance guru Joel Solomon lives and works at the epicenter of new, positive and transformative ways to relate with, use and invest money. In a unique position to share perspectives on what promising realities are emerging, he’s gifted all of us an illuminating and inspiring free chapter on inner skills and illuminating leadership from this book co-authored with Tyee Bridge.


Beautiful and Abundant

‘Beautiful and Abundant, Building the World We Want’ by Bryan Welch. This award winning book cuts through the pessimism that pervades today’s discussions of sustainability. You are invited to visualize a verdant and prosperous future for humanity and all the living things that share our planet. Bryan Welch is an organic rancher, and was Publisher and Editorial Director of Mother Earth News for nearly two decades.


Love and Money

'A Couple's Guide to Creating True Financial Intimacy', by Deborah Price. Discover strategies and tools for creating financial intimacy while learning to communicate about money issues calmly and reflectively, rather than reactively. Deborah Price, pioneering author, coach and founder of the Money Coaching Institute, has taught thousands of people how to work together to resolve money conflicts and create a financially empowered future.


Methodologies for Dialogue & Conversation

The practice of good conversation, with Bog Stilger.  The practice of good conversation begins in a relational space. Learn more from Bog Stilger, one of the instigators of the Art of Hosting movement, former co-president of the Berkana Institute, and explorer of NewStories in post-triple-disaster Japan. Stepping forward is done best together. Deep, rich and intimate conversation is what helps us find the clarity and courage to take the first step. In this module, discover how to host dialogue through systems such as Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology and World Cafe.


The Core Heart of Business

Getting to the CORE of your business with Mark Silver.  Mark Silver is a Master Teacher (“muqaddam murrabi“) within the Shaddhilliyya Sufi lineage. He teaching are a guide for marrying your spiritual work with your career. In this series of chapters, you’ll reframe career in a way that brings out the deep, attractive value your heart has in business.


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Dharma If You Dare -         by Doug Duncan

Are you looking for something more? Happiness? Meaning? Transformation? Doug Duncan's pithy book, Dharma if You Dare, is an empowering starting point for addressing these common desires. Explore concrete examples and illuminating metaphors compassionately intended to help you speedily reconnect with your real purpose for being here - awakening in this lifetime.

Finding Pureland - A Year of Weekly Reflections

Keeping a strong spiritual practice can feel difficult when you're walking alone. Receive one year of weekly inspirational reflections that will bring support, clarity and focus on your journey to the pure land.

The Art of Abundance -  Live Webinar with Karen McAllister, Mindful Money Coach

How do you align your spiritual practice with your career? Join Dharma Teacher and behavioural money coach, Karen McAllister, and discover how internal money conflicts and false beliefs may be holding you back. In this live group webinar, she will give you tools to discover how to remain true to yourself while thriving in the material world.


The Amazing Practice of Generosity -
Clear Sky Center Online Course

Generosity - the ancient Buddhist practice of dāna - is the beginning of the path to freedom. It opens up space in our hearts, alleviates fear and allows us to experience one another more fully. This self-directed online course offers a unique resource blending video, written teachings, practical exercises and curated links for further study.

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Register right now for the first online course in Planet Dharma's 2019 Year of Pureland.