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A spiritual path is a bit like a path up a mountain. You know you want to climb to the summit and enjoy the view, but you’re not sure which is the best path to take. And there’s no way of knowing what the view will be like, until you get there. Nevertheless, people have told you it’s worth the effort of the climb.

These teachers, on an ongoing daily basis, are offering me training to improve my life in such a way that not even top consultants can do. Journeying with me, willing to get in deep with me in ways that are awakening for me: from leadership training to meditation techniques to home decor. There is no area they will not go if it is for my unfolding! A deep bow in gratitude and respect!

–Maureen Smith, Counsellor, MBSR Teacher, 2017

Our path includes many routes up the mountain as well. So this page is to tell you where you can start, and why, so you can make the choice you’re most comfortable with. If you’re here, we figure you’ve already clicked around this website. If not, that’s a good place to start.

To read more of our teachings and how our teachings work, we recommend our blogs, podcasts and videos.

A good next step might be to read their new book, Wasteland to Pureland, and initial Doug’s book, Dharma If You Dare. It gives a good taste of our teachings and style.

If you’d like to interact a bit more, we suggest you sign up for our email list, like our Facebook page or YouTube videos in order to find out more, on an ongoing basis.

A next step might be to attend & participate online in our Office Hours – live or recorded. This will give you an idea of how we work with different people, how virtual teachings happen, and give you the opportunity to ask any questions on your mind.

Next you can see our schedule, to learn what we’re teaching, where and when. We’re currently teaching mostly – though not exclusively – in Western Canada (particularly at our truly wonderful retreat center, Clear Sky) as well as online for people who can’t make it here easily.

Lastly, if you have a personal question you’d like to ask, and don’t feel comfortable asking it during Office Hours, you can connect with us on the Inquiries page.

Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat