Drawing on material from the first reflection in their book, Wasteland to Pureland, Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat explore the topic of personal vision and connect it to the concepts of absolute and relative truth. Today’s recording is a continuation of the material that you can hear in the Season 3 trailer entitled, Why Awaken?
To explore these ideas further, purchase Wasteland to Pureland: Reflections on the Path to Awakening, available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Indigo.
Today’s episode features a recording from Planet Dharma’s first online course of 2019, The Pearl Without Price. Doug and Catherine run 3 or 4 online courses each year. Participants can attend live or watch the recording for one week after each of the 4 weekly sessions. The next online course takes place in September and covers the material in the final section of Wasteland to Pureland, entitled Crazy Wisdom. To learn more about Planet Dharma’s online courses visit planerdharma.com/events and click on “online courses”.