Dharma Podcast Audio Interview with Doug and CatherineDharma Teachers Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat were interviewed by the wonderful Farah on Drishti Point Radio in October 2013. They talked about pushing the boundaries for our spiritual liberation and other core messages highlighted in Doug’s new book “Dharma if You Dare”.

A big thank you to Farah at Drishti Point for being a great host and for generously providing this audio recording.

Listen to the Interview Audio:


Book: Dharma if you Dare, Living Lie with Abandon, by Doug DuncanAbout the Book, Dharma If You Dare: Doug Duncan’s first book provides practical tools and humorous anecdotes based on over twenty years of teaching to help us speedily reconnect with our real purpose for being here — enlightenment. For details and to buy the book: Dharma If You Dare.