Crazy Wisdom

In this talk Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat explore the topic of ‘Crazy Wisdom’. Also known as ‘Divine Madness’, these are energetic and unpredictable teachings that help shake students’ fixed views about their reality. The stuck nature of our egos requires a breaking through of the status quo in order to access a place of open spaciousness of possibility. Doug and Catherine also explore the paradox that we actually feel more in control and secure when we let go of our ego’s need to be in charge all the time.
Today’s episode covers ideas that Doug and Catherine explore in detail in their bestselling book, Wasteland to Pureland. The third section of the book is entitled Crazy Wisdom and covers a wide variety of topics, including The Shadow, Tantra, and Money, Sex & Power.
Podcast listeners can download a free chapter from this section of the book by visiting