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Awakening together

One thing is certain in these turbulent times: we’d do well to get more skillful at human connections. Whether it’s our significant other, our flatmate, our waiter or the person who upcycles our garbage, more conscious relationships make our lives better, and help us create the world we want to live in. Plus, moving from loneliness to conscious relationships is a necessary aspect of one’s spiritual evolution.

Conscious RelationshiPs:


For spiritual seekers who would like to live fully engaged and integrated lives, relationships cannot be ignored.  Bringing conscious awareness into how we relate with others is a vital component of integrated spiritual growth.

As teachers of spiritual awakening living and working in conscious community, we’ve made a study of what it takes. What are the most important things you can do to make your relationships more conscious?

Here are four invaluable ways to start:

1. Learning to be alone.
2. Have a clear personal vision.
3. Learn to meet conflict gracefully.
4. Change is certain, get used to it.

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Buddha Nature: Mirror-Like Consciousness

Buddha Nature: Mirror-Like Consciousness

Buddha Nature, the transcendent experience, in itself has no distinguishing qualities. “With words it cannot be described, but without words it can’t be expressed” is how Daoists shared this concept.

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Seed, Stalk and Flower: Be Master of Your Fate

Seed, Stalk and Flower: Be Master of Your Fate

Welcome to our Meditative Moment series. Once or twice a month, we’re sharing our most recent or favourite blogs, videos and podcasts that address spiritual awakening in the modern age.

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‘Seed, Stalk, Flower: Be the Master of Your Fate’ – One of the oldest meditations is on seed, stalk and flower. Where your attention goes, what your mind is on about, what your aspiration is, will determine what kind of flower (karma) you have.

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Embracing Your Buddha Body: Movement Meditation

Embracing Your Buddha Body: Movement Meditation

You will experience in your spiritual life some degree of physical discomfort in the process of realizing your Buddha-body. The practice of movement meditation is to become aware of, and then relax or release the tension and pain. Enjoy this month’s read!