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Insight Meditation Retreat

March 15 - March 24

Insight Meditation Retreat

A Ten-Day Meditation Retreat | March 15-24, 2019

Why do we lose bliss? How do we regain it? By popular demand, Planet Dharma is offering this ten-day insight retreat at the beautiful and innovative Clear Sky Retreat Center.

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Insight Meditation Retreat

Most think of meditation as a sense of calm and concentration that leads to bliss. But, bliss is impermanent and subject to loss. How do we lose bliss? How to we regain it?

Through studying insight we realize that the self that searches for bliss and that this search is itself the root, source and continuance of the struggle.

The path of insight leads us to the realization that there’s no inherent, independent, self identity to be found. This is called liberation, awakening, freedom. And it’s just a good idea.



Why Study Insight?

The Benefits of an Insight Retreat

March 15-24, 2019

Insight is the practice of watching the arisings and falling away of phenomena in the mind. “Insight” comes from the Pali “Vipassana” which means “to see again and again;” we use the 16 Stages of Insight to become sleuths of patterns of the mind.

Most people live in the first three stages of insight; when you experience the fourth, it’s considered that you’ve entered “the path to the path” of awakening. Experiencing stages from four to thirteen can be a bit like a yo-yo: we go up and down repeatedly in our meditation.

Then we have a breakthrough experience of sotāpanna at the 14th stage, when we experience that there is no inherent self. This sets us free to continue swimming in the stream of our spiritual journey with much more ease and relaxation.

Rather than writing a spoiler here, we’d like to use this retreat to support you to experience the 15th and 16th stages for yourself. We look forward to you telling us what they are like.

Meet the Teachers

Catherine Pawasarat
Catherine Pawasarat
Doug Duncan
Doug Duncan
Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat are Dharma and meditation teachers who founded Clear Sky Meditation Centre, BC, Canada.

Achariya Doug Duncan received lay ordination from Namgyal Rinpoche in 1978, and is a lineage holder in that teaching. Known for his direct, humourous and compassionate engagement with students, Doug embraces various traditions, contemporary psychology, and science, to mentor all beings to a more awakened state.

Catherine Pawasarat has trained daily with Acariya Doug Duncan since 1998 in an intensive spiritual apprenticeship that is rare in the modern West. She received lay ordination from Namgyal Rinpoche in 2003. In addition to Buddhist philosophy and its applications to daily life, Catherine also draws on generative living and the arts. With Doug she is co-founder of Clear Sky Retreat Center in the BC Rockies.

Course Details

Fees and Dāna

This course is run based on the ancient principle of generosity, or Dāna.  There are also fees for meals and accommodation at Clear Sky Retreat Center, where the retreat is held.


March 15
March 24
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