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Meditation Retreat: Body, Speech and Mind

January 1, 2017 - January 17, 2017

Body, Speech & Mind Meditation Retreat:

Grow confidence in the Dharma, and in oneself as a representative of the Dharma in the world.  

Meditation Retreat Body Speech Mind

Start 2017 with an in-depth meditation retreat for your spiritual awakening.  Our lineage of modern awakening draws its roots from the cutting edge teachings of Namgyal Rinpoche. Clear Sky Retreat Center is delighted to host this retreat based on Namgyal’s incredible dharma and therapeutic tools for awakening, drawing on the collection of his teachings, Body, Speech and Mind, transcribed by Cecile Kwiat.  The retreat dates are December 31-January 17th.

Meditation Retreat Overview

Winter meditation retreat canada

Photo by Greg Molkentein

Ever wish there were a manual for how to be the best person you could be? Namgyal Rinpoche’s Body Speech and Mind could be that book: it’s best described as a seminal manual for evolutionary human development and spiritual awakening.

While largely “Buddhist” in content, Body Speech and Mind is Universalist in intention and humanist in scope.

These teachings of spiritual awakening show us how to understand the essence of Mind, particularly as it manifests in our day-to-day world. In turn we learn how that understanding helps us to unfold as richer, clearer and more integrated people. It maps out a truly creative path for the awakening of human society.

At Clear Sky and through Planet Dharma, we embody this through our practice and training, particularly our spiritual Awakening through Action (Karma Yoga) programs. This retreat will cover the theory of as well as solitary and group meditation practice itself, with a taste of the Awakening Through Action via daily mutual support for the optimal functioning of the retreat.

Watch Now: Body Speech & Mind Retreat Video:

Course Outcomes

What will be covered in this meditation retreat?

The backbone of both this book (Body Speech and Mind is available at Bodhi Publishing) and this retreat consists of the Satipatthana Sutta, The Four Foundations of Mindfulness Sutra.

What will this meditation retreat learning do for me?


Tilopa (988–1069), Teacher of Mahamudra

Satipatthana practice both broadens and deepens awareness. It is often called “mindfulness,” but mindfulness can be passive and unfocused. Our practice pushes the envelope of what “mindfulness” means: it  trains us to be ever more mindful of how we’re feeling, what we’re doing and how we’re manifesting, and also to be mindful of being mindful. As such, we suggest the term intentional awareness: we are not only aware, but aware of being aware. It is mindfulness with a kick.

So what difference does being more aware make?

As humans we live in four worlds. We live in an environmental matrix of earth, water, air and fire, upon which all life depends. We live in a social world of interdependence that requires clear communication and compassionate engagement for a balanced and harmonious life, including our interactions with many other species. We live in an economic world that allocates resources and assigns values. Lastly, we live in an unseen and unnamed spiritual world.

To claim our birthright as human beings, we need to be skilled in all four worlds, particularly the last one. This last world of spiritual awakening raises our eyes from the merely mundane, so we can perceive mysterious and sublime phenomena and qualities. These nourish our souls, inspire us to gracefully navigate the challenges of the other three worlds, and generally make life worth living.

How will this meditation retreat help my life?

Body, Speech and Mind offers us a map, an atlas, a schematic and a system for spiritual awakening. Through the four worlds, it focuses our spiritual aspirations to enliven and enrich, to strengthen and cherish, and to guide and predict our awakening—and by implication, our evolutionary future. This is how we shape our own evolution, and that of the planet.

Meditation Retreat Guatemala Villa SumayaIn retreat we’ll undertake exercises for each of the four foundations of mindfulness: awareness of the body, awareness of the feelings, awareness of states of mind, and awareness of contents of mind.

This more all-embracing and widely-encompassing awareness is then applied in all four of our worlds (environmental, social, economic and spiritual).

We then integrate the awareness cultivated on the cushion with that developed through exercises during retreat. The integration allows us to take what we learn on the meditation cushion back into our day-to-day lives. This enhances and embellishes our sense of accomplishment and confidence in all that we do: our relationships, our work and how we offer our gifts to the world.

Supported by this powerful inner work, we’re empowered to make a difference in the world during these critical transitional times. More and more we become positive role models of transformation who can wield the tools that support others to join us on this transcendental journey of spiritual awakening.

About Teachers Doug Duncan & Catherine Pawasarat:

Doug and Catherine SenseiCombined, Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat have been practicing Karma Yoga and meditation for more than 60 years. They both received lay ordination from the Canadian-born Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche, and have shared teachings of spiritual awakening from their Western Canada-based retreat center, Clear Sky, and worldwide for decades.

They’re well versed in Theravadin, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist philosophy and practices, as well as contemporary psychology, consciousness studies and art. They are pioneering awakening through action (Karma Yoga) and generosity practices in the West, and feel proud to base their teachings and meditation retreat center on these radical and profound practices.  They lead several meditation retreats per year.

Doug & Catherine’s teaching style emphasizes integration, of right-brain and left brain, art and science, East and West, and the broad spectrum of human experience. They are devoted to integrating the shadow and keeping a keen sense of humor.

What others say about them:

Doug and Catherine Sensei demonstrate how every encounter in our lives is not only a litmus test that shows if we are acting with compassion or not, they hand us the polish for the silver that we can use to rub away the tarnish of our egocentric mode of perception to reveal the inherent sparkle of a compassionate heart and mind.
Richard Sadowsky
Translator, Japanese to English
Working with Doug and Catherine at the 5 day hero’s journey workshop was deeply impactful and has clarified for me not only my deepest heart’s desire but what I need to face and overcome to manifest it. Doug and Catherine are extraordinary facilitators with a great depth and breadth of knowledge, wisdom and presence to share.
Kira MacDuffee
M.Ed / RCC
I have been fortunate to meet Doug and Catherine, who through compassion and skillful means helped me to courageously face all my demons, fears and blindspots. I have come through into a lighter manifestation to be of real service to all beings.
Karen McAllister
Transformational Change Coach
Doug and Catherine Sensei are living examples of the dharma teachings. For me, their teachings give me a place to begin to apply the dharma in my own life. I trust in their one-pointed focus on whatever it takes to speed their students unrealized potential.
Laura Montgomery
Counsellor and Mom of two
I came to Clear Sky after years of wandering on the path of self-transcendence; I was trying to do it by myself and it just wasn’t working. Dharma Teachers Doug & Catherine immediately saw my self-imposed limits and provided me with clear, direct instructions on how to really accelerate growth. After putting my personal preferences aside and deciding to work with awakened teachers I have become far more focused and clearer than I could ever have been on my own.
Matt O'Rourke
It is one thing to hear or read the Dharma and understand it intellectually. This workshop went so much further than that, as I found myself receiving realizations of the teachings on a visceral basis, going far beyond simply understanding.
Bob Abramms
Cata and Doug Sensei teach their own brand of profoundly sensible Dharma.
Richard Arnfield
President / Spectrum Glazes
Doug Sensei and Catherine Sensei demonstrate and challenge us to recognize that nowhere is the Awakened mind not present or available to us. They model and challenge us to be ruthlessly self-honest, practical and to work together to build and shape healthy communities and relationships in all that we do.
Michelle Heinz
Executive Director / Clear Sky Retreat Centre
Doug and Catherine Sensei are masters in every sense of the word. They live and walk their talk. Whoever said you can't have your cake and eat it too, never met these two brilliant teachers. All is possible when you are with the awakening mind!
Evangelos Diavolitsis
Coach & Founder / Money Evolution
Doug, Catherine & the community around them are phenomenal teachers, supports and guides. I've never seen any therapy and meditation teaching that goes to such depth, one on one and in community, anywhere else.
Cara Conroy-Low
Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine / Seed Stalk Flower
Doug and Catherine's ability to translate the heart of the Buddhist teachings into wisdom that is relevant and applicable in today's world mean that their teachings go far beyond theory to have real impact on lives. The crucial balance of care, support, insight and challenge they have offered me has been instrumental for a greater experience of love, connection and aliveness in my life. My deepest heart thanks go out to them for all that they have done for me and all beings.
Ruth Levin
Choreographer & Dance Teacher
Precious and few are the teachers that have the charisma and skillful means to genuinely awaken us to the depth of our own TRUE NATURE!
Wendy Stauffer
Owner / Villa Sumaya
When I am with these two very clear individuals, I am humbled by their dedication to others, and understand the every-waking-moment responsibility that comes with their calling.
Peter Ujlaki
Art Dealer, Japan
Thank you again for all the teachings! They have impacted my life in such a positive way that it is unexplainable with words 🙂
Irene Arriaza
Doug and Catherine have a wonderful relaxed interplay. Even though they have different personalities, they demonstrate how to work together without conflict. Working in the kitchen brought many personal issues to light which I could then examine more closely during the meditations. Many times during the morning teachings I felt Sensei's teachings resonate so deeply I was transported to a different awareness and feeling state.
Dean Nicholson
Teachers suggest, guide and train - the student's responsibility is to get involved and be willing to dance.  I accepted that opportunity to dance, the opportunity of a lifetime, and with such excellent dance partners (Doug and Catherine) I have thrived in my unfolding.
Maureen Smith
Counsellor, MBSR Teacher / Alive Mindfully
To my incredible teachers, Thank you for your unwavering compassion, patience and wisdom. And thank you for the opportunity to learn from you and to join you on this Dharma trip. I love you both from the platform, to the edge of the universe. And will show that love by doing the work! For the benefit of all beings.
Ava MacLean
Marketing and Communications Professional
Doug and Catherine Sensei have a complimentary teaching style that empowers me to take on life's numerous challenges. Thanks to their guidance, I understand the role of fiery masculine energy and how to integrate it with softer more receptive earth feminine energy. They are Yin and Yang in human form. I could not ask for a more complete or effective spiritual teaching.
Evangelos Diavolitsis
Movement Facilitator and Money Coach / Meditation Moves
This retreat was right on the mark, a perfect blend of focused inner work along with space for reflection in a trusting and comfortable setting. The teachers were wonderful, insightful, humorous, and extremely attentive to our individual needs for understanding. The journey has opened access to undiscovered strengths in myself and I could not be more thankful.
Ryan Gies
Manager of Software Engineering
The first time I met Doug & Catherine Sensei was at the Clear Sky Center, BC as a Karma Yogi (volunteer). Despite being new to the teachings, despite my past, despite my attitude they welcomed me and created space for me to connect with everyone. I know they see Buddha Nature in everything and welcome it with a warm heart.
Maryline Fortier
Business Student
Doug & Catherine are continuously pushing the envelope of experience, often with irreverent humour in challenging others to do the same & doing so with heart for Dharma that isn't afraid to think outside the box.
Martin Blackwell
Operations Manager, Clear Sky Center
The teachers offer me training to improve my life in such a way that top consultants cannot do. They have journeyed with me through surgeries and vertigo, from fashion choices to home décor, and ultimately, through leadership training and meditation techniques. There is no area they will not go if it is for my unfolding!
Maureen Smith
Counsellor, MBSR Teacher / Alive Mindfully
As a result of studying with Doug and Catherine, I’m more awake: I have more clarity, compassion, and calm. These characteristics have made me a better dharma student, dharma teacher, parent, friend, colleague, manager and leader.
Lynn Hauka
Management Consultant
The first time I met Catherine and Sensei at Clear Sky Centre for a one week silent meditation retreat, at the end I burst into tears. I found home. Dharma Trips around the world with those two cutting edge masters have also allowed me to see the world from a whole new prespective.
Maya Lewandowsky
If you get a chance to study with Doug-sensei and Catherine, don't miss it. Through the power of long dedication, deep meditation, and wise guidance, life can definitely be transformed.
Paul Jaffe
Retired Professor & Meditation Teacher
Doug Sensei and Catherine Pawasarat have woven together a finely-textured tapestry of Buddhist Philosophy that has made the basics of the practice come alive for me and accessible and pertinent to my every-day life.
Ronda Clanfield
Resources Specialist, CBC National TV News (retired)
This experience has been incredibly beautiful, challenging and transformative. The teachers are an inspiration in all ways.
Ava MacLean
Marketing and Communications Professional
I attended the Buddhas in Action two week retreat at Clear Sky Retreat Centre with Doug Sensei and Cata Sensei. The teachers are taking the dharma teachings forward in a way that speaks to our modern lives today without losing their integrity.
Karen McAllister
Money & Transformation Coach
Watching how everyone engaged and getting new insights and a-ha moments brought home to me that karma yoga and dharma training is a path that brings the modern spiritual explorer alive and moves them forward.
Dr. Duncan Cryle
Ph.D IBM executive, Clear Sky Accountability Officer
Sensei and Catherine's teachings have helped me create a spaciousness in my being to find generosity, abundance, and energy with my self and my potential. I am immensely grateful to them for their patience and love and personal connection to my growth and unfoldment.
Linda Hochstetler

The Benefits of Retreating at Clear Sky

Clear Sky Meditation Center Canada

© C. Pawasarat

This meditation retreat takes place at Clear Sky Meditation and Study Foundation near the international airport at Cranbrook, B.C.

Clear Sky offers 310 acres of pristine mountain wilderness nestled at the foot of the 10,00-ft Bull Mountain, surrounded by Crown Land/National Forest, large ranches and spectacular views of the Steeple and Purcell Mountain ranges. There are many foot trails and meditation platforms amidst the grasslands and pine, fir and aspen forests. We are pleased to share this property with abundant wildlife.

In addition to world-class meditation retreat teachings and your own awakening efforts, the healing and integration that Clear Sky offers benefits from a healthy ecosystem, fresh air, mountain water, and delicious, balanced, omnivorean meals made with organic and local ingredients.


What does a typical meditation retreat day look like?

  • 6:30 am: Wake up
  • 6:45 -7:15: Meditation – setting the tone for the day
  • 7:15 – 8:15: Breakfast
  • 8:15 – 9:30: A Dharma talk and description of the exercises to be done
  • 9:30 -11:30 Body practice
  • 11:30 – 12:15 Speech practice
  • 12:30-1:30: Lunch
  • 1:30 – 2:30: Integration (individual time)
  • 2:30 – 4:30: Mind practice
  • 4:30 – 5:30: Body practice
  • 5:30 – 6:00: Speech practice
  • 6:00 – 7:15: Supper
  • 7:15 – 8:30: Mind practice – a group meditation with Q&A
  • 8:30 – 9:00: Walk to reflect
  • 9:30 – 10:00: Meditation to raise a question based on the day’s events


To my incredible teachers, Thank you for your unwavering compassion, patience and wisdom. And thank you for the opportunity to learn from you and to join you on this Dharma trip. I love you both from the platform, to the edge of the universe. And will show that love by doing the work! For the benefit of all beings.
Ava MacLean
Marketing and Communications Professional
Doug and Catherine have a wonderful relaxed interplay. Even though they have different personalities, they demonstrate how to work together without conflict. Working in the kitchen brought many personal issues to light which I could then examine more closely during the meditations. Many times during the morning teachings I felt Sensei's teachings resonate so deeply I was transported to a different awareness and feeling state.
Dean Nicholson


What else do you need to know?

  • Dāna (Generosity Based Teaching)

Doug & Catherine are teaching this meditation retreat via the ancient tradition of Dāna (generosity), an offering from them to the attendees. It is considered of supreme value to your life and thus “beyond price” so it is expected that the student will be equally generous and support the teaching and the teachers by making an offering.

While no offering is too small, also no offering is too great. The giver benefits by offering as much as they can, given the individual’s circumstances. Along with compassion, generosity is considered the root of spiritual progress and, according to the ancients, therefore the root of our success in daily life as well.

Find out more about how you can practice Dāna. We invite you to offer Dāna when you register and via the Dāna bowl available at Clear Sky.

  • Meditation Retreat Centre Fees (Lodging & Meals)

This meditation retreat will be held at beautiful Clear Sky Meditation Centre. Fees which include lodging & meals are as follows: CAD $1,499.00: Super Early Bird Program Price until Oct 31 / CAD $1725: Until Nov 31. / CAD $1845: After Nov 30.

  • Meditation Retreat Dates, Arrival & Departure

This meditation retreat runs from December 31st 2016 to January 16, 2017.

International (as well as domestic) retreatants may arrive on Fri, Dec 30 to help them overcome jet lag before the retreat begins. Retreatants from North America may arrive on Fri , Dec 30 or by lunch on Sat, Dec 31. The retreat runs through Mon, Jan 16. An extra day at Clear Sky is highly recommended, in order to transition your energies back to your regular daily life.*

  • Registration

Book early for this popular meditation retreat. All registrations can be made via the Clear Sky Registration page, by clicking the Register Now button below:

Register for Online discussion with Meditation Teacher


Sign up here to be notified about any updates regarding this retreat and other Planet Dharma news.

*The Body Speech and Mind meditation retreat image is from the cover of the book Body, Speech & Mind by Namgyal Rinpoche, available through Bodhi Publishing.


January 1, 2017
January 17, 2017
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