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Tree of Life: The Essence of Kabbalah and Tarot

August 12 @ 7:30 pm - August 14 @ 8:30 pm UTC+0

Tree of Life: The Essence of Kabbalah & Tarot

Online or In-Person | August 12-14, 2022

Join us for an introduction to the ‘Tree of Life’, a map of reality from Western Mysticism and the Kabbalah tradition. Discover how the Kabbalah and tarot are designed to cultivate dormant aspects in ourselves so we may reach our highest potential.

It’s creative, it’s powerful, it’s magic.


What is the Tree of Life?

tree of life kabbalah
tarot retreat

 We’re all familiar with Eastern spiritual traditions, but did you know the West also has a legitimate path for spiritual awakening? 

In modern times, Tarot is often mistaken as ‘woo woo’ fortune telling, yet it has roots in a profound path for spiritual awakening for hundreds of years – namely the Kabbalah and Western Mysteries. In fact, the Western Mysteries was the path by which our lineage’s founder, Namgyal Rinpoche, awakened. Rinpoche was a Master of the western spiritual tradition before becoming a Buddhist monk. 

A Western Mystical Journey through 2022, 2023 and 2024

Qapel’s first retreat with his Teacher Namgyal Rinpoche was on the ‘Movement of the Mandala’ and embodied initiation into the Tarot’s archetypes. He would like to pass on an in-depth transmission of the Western teachings over the next three years. 

  • This Tree of Life weekend course, this August 2022 is an introduction to the essence of the Kabbalah,Tarot and Western mystical teachings.   
  • The primary study course is scheduled for February 2023. It will be an online deeper dive and study group into the archetypes of the universal spiritual journey, represented in the Tarot. 
  • The Movement of the Mandala retreat will be an experiential transmission of the Western Mysteries. It is the third and culminating teaching of this series and will be held in 2024. It will be an in-person only retreat. Participating in the February 2023 Tarot course is pre-requisite to attend.


Meet the Teachers

Catherine Pawasarat
Catherine Pawasarat
Doug Qapel Duncan
Doug Qapel Duncan

Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat are Dharma and meditation teachers who founded Clear Sky Meditation Center, BC, Canada.

Qapel (Achariya Doug Duncan) received lay ordination from Namgyal Rinpoche in 1978, and is a lineage holder in that teaching. Known for his direct, humourous and compassionate engagement with students, Qapel embraces various traditions, contemporary psychology, and science, to mentor all beings to a more awakened state.

Catherine Pawasarat Sensei has trained daily with Qapel (Acariya Doug Duncan) since 1998 in an intensive spiritual apprenticeship that is rare in the modern West. She received lay ordination from Namgyal Rinpoche in 2003. In addition to Buddhist philosophy and its applications to daily life, Catherine Sensei also draws on generative living and the arts. With Qapel she is co-founder of Clear Sky Retreat Center in the BC Rockies.

For your Listening Pleasure: On the Western Mysteries & Tarot

Enjoy Qapel and Sensei’s episodes on the Tarot from their podcast channel, Dharma if you Dare:

Qapel on the Western Mysteries

In this interview, Qapel talks about the part the Western Mysteries played in his own path and how his teacher, Namgyal Rinpoche, employed these teachings. He also discusses the similarities and differences between the Western and Eastern esoteric teachings, and how practitioners can leverage the Western mystical tradition as a path unto itself or as a way to complement Eastern practices.

What Do Previous Retreatants Say?

Jenai Lieu

These are ancient teachings that I feel are important to understand if someone is serious about meditation. I appreciate Qapel and Sensei’s unrelenting perseverance to teach about the roots and traditions of these life changing practices. They explore the rich history with us and also deliver the material in a very understandable and relevant way.

Jenai Lieu
Psychology student, Canada
Kira MacDuffee

Working with Qapel and Sensei at the five day hero’s journey workshop was deeply impactful and has clarified not only my deepest heart’s desire, but what I need to overcome to manifest it. They are extraordinary facilitators with a great depth of knowledge, wisdom and presence to share.

Kira MacDuffee
M.Ed / RCC
Dr. Duncan Cryle

Doing karma yoga, I watch how everyone gains new insights.  These many “a-ha moments” makes it clear to me that this type of active dharma training is a path that brings the modern spiritual explorer alive and moves them forward.

Dr. Duncan Cryle
Ph.D IBM executive, Clear Sky Accountability Officer
Evangelos Diavolitsis

Qapel and Sensei have consistently been honest, accurate and candid with me. It has sometimes taken me years to admit my self-sabotaging blind spots. Clear and radical self-honesty liberates my sticky parts. Thank you to my master teachers for helping me free up all the energy knots – especially the ones created from unconscious patterning around money, sex and power.

Evangelos Diavolitsis
Peter Ujlaki

Qapel and Sensei are always burning calories to get you back on a path that can lead toward greater self-awareness. When I am with these two very clear individuals, I am humbled by their dedication to others, and understand the every-waking-moment responsibility that comes with their calling.

Peter Ujlaki
Fine Art Dealer, Japan
Cara Conroy-Lau

Doug and Catherine teach the Vajrayana with great skill and means. Their ability to shift, weave and embrace each moment with diverse types of students is amazing. One of the jewels they teach and transmit is deity practice, or arising yoga. I have experienced many of their wongkur initiations and find them to be powerful and liberative experiences that also provide tools of great value in my day-to-day practice.

Cara Conroy-Lau

Course Fees & Requirements

All Retreatants: A Dāna Based Retreat

This retreat is offered by the Teachers on the basis of dāna (generosity). There will also be a modest course fee for the organisation to cover expenses.

Dāna is a Sanskrit term meaning “generosity”, and is the traditional way in which Buddhist teachings are offered.  With dāna, we give as a mutual exchange of generosity. You may have come across this in the form of “pay from the heart”. It’s our joy to offer this course, and we trust you’ll match our time, energy, and passion by giving an amount of money that feels good and healthy to both you and us.

You will be sent a link to offer “dāna” to the teachers after registration.

For more information on dāna click here.

Lodging Fees & Covid 19 Protocols

In addition to Dāna to the teachers, Clear Sky Meditation Center provides an incredible space for your retreat.  Situated on a beautiful 310-acre property in the Rocky Mountains, the center and its karma yogis provide you nourishing daily meals and comfortable accommodation.

Please go to the registration page via the button below for details of the all inclusive fee for the weekend retreat.

Covid-19 Protocols

Please note that we are taking measures to keep us all healthy during this retreat, including:

  • You must have experienced no symptoms associated with covid-19 in the past 14 days.
  • You have met and followed all BC and Canadian health regulations regarding Covid-19 and travel.
  • Further details will be posted closer to the retreat date as necessary.

Ready to Register?

Registration will open on Wednesday June 29th. Please check back then for the live registration buttons. 

Tree of Life Class Schedule

  • Friday August 12th: 7:30pm.
  • Saturday August 13th: 9am and 3pm with a group meditation at 7:30pm.
  • Sunday August 14th: 9am and 3pm with a group meditation at 7:30pm.


If you have questions about the retreat, please contact the Clear Sky Retreat Manager.  Maureen Smith – 250-429-3929  (phone) [email protected] (email).


August 12 @ 7:30 pm UTC+0
August 14 @ 8:30 pm UTC+0
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