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Join us online for a fresh, invigorating dharma talk each month with Vajrayana teachers Qapel and Catherine Sensei.

The Mind’s Cutting Edge: 12 Manjushri (Retreat)

Do you wish to embrace wisdom and its different manifestations? Manjushri is the Vajrayana Buddhist archetype of wisdom. In this retreat we will focus on developing cognitive intelligence, discrimination, clarity and rigor in terms of thinking. Our methodology will be the Twelve Manjushri deity yoga practice from the Vajrayana tradition.

Warriors of the Heart: The Bodhisattva Path (Online Course)

What is the Path or Way of the Bodhisattva? In this online course with Qapel and Sensei, we will explore Shantideva's guidance on the Bodhisttva's way of life.  And, most importantly we will explore the important question of how we might live as a true Warriors of the Heart today.

Five Stages of Emptiness

Embark on a transformative journey through the progressive stages of emptiness in this meditation retreat. Taught by Qapel and Catherine Sensei live at Clear Sky Meditation Centre, it is a chance to go deep. For those living further afield, it is possible to do this retreat streamed at your own retreat location.

AstroDharma Community Call

Join us for an AstroDharma community Q&A call, open to those who have previously or are currently studying AstroDharma with Catherine Sensei - especially for participants of the Online Self Study AstroDharma Course, or previous AstroDharma retreatants.

Breathing Retreat 2024

Join Catherine Pawasarat Sensei for a life changing ten day breathing meditation retreat. Breathing practice is suitable whether you are a newbie or seasoned meditator, or have always wanted to do a vipassana or longer retreat.  Benefit from the in-person guidance of an accomplished meditation teacher and a balanced meditative approach of the four classical meditation postures.

Razor’s Edge: The Dance of Absolute & Relative Truths

This weekend course is a precious opportunity to study with meditation master and Namgyal lineage teacher Qapel (Achariya Doug Duncan). He will share fundamental Buddhist teachings on the nature of absolute and relative truths, and how we can best dance between, within and amidst the two.