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Enlightened Archetypes: Energies We Need to Awaken (ONLINE)

Renowned psychologist Carl Jung studied archetypes, including Vajrayana Buddhism. He believed that we all have access to such strong, healthy archetypes through the collective unconscious, yet individually they are largely misunderstood or incomplete. Jung believed that one healing modality is to call them forth into consciousness and make them whole again. Indeed, enlightenment or the process of awakening, is referred to as the Great Healing. .  A Weekend Experience In these two morning talks, Doug Sensei will focus on the energies and teachings associated with Vajrayana Buddhist archetypes, and how they can be used wisely and compassionately for our unfoldment. NOTE: Due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, we have restructured this weekend intensive originally set to take place in Calgary into online teachings. The original plan involved a Vajrapani wongkur. We will be looking at a future date when we can reschedule this for the Calgary participants. Stay tuned. In the meantime, if you would like an immersive experience of tantric deity practice, we encourage you to join the Tantric Deep Dive retreat that is still set to take place at Clear Sky Retreat Center in June. Click here for more details. Part 1 - 10am Saturday Talk: Why do we need archetypes? An introduction to Tibetan deities Part 2 - (Postponed) Empowerment Ceremony (Wong Kur) – Vajrapani, The Body of the Buddha Part 3 - 10am Sunday: Embodying awakened energies through the practice  Meet the Teacher Achariya Doug Duncan has been teaching the Buddhist path to awakening for over three decades.  Known for his […]