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Wasteland to Pureland Retreat in Germany 2019

with Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat What are qualities that we can grow to feel internally grounded and to act from a positive, wholesome place in our relationships with others? Discover the journey from Wasteland to Pureland in this meditation retreat in Seidenbuch, Germany.Wasteland to Pureland Retreat   This retreat will be held in the heart of Germany, in Seidenbuch, 60km from Frankfurt and Heidelburg. This is your opportunity to meet and study with Dharma Teachers and Spiritual Mentors, Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat. They will teaching from awakening principles in their cutting edge new book, Wasteland to Pureland.Why the Wasteland to Pureland Retreat? An Eight Day Retreat in Germany October 17-25, 2019 There is an awakening experience that is vast and beyond words. The path beckons. Are you ready? Why Wasteland to PurelandWasteland to Pureland is a retreat for those wanting to walk a path to increase clarity of heart and mind, and experience greater freedom and fulfillment in life. This is the journey that leads to a state of ultimate care for others as well as oneself. Grounded in the belief that awakening is available to everyone, Doug & Catherine teach us how to reunite with our gifts, to become agents of compassion and transformation, personally, interpersonally and globally. The spiritual path teaches us to access bliss and insight, and to decrease suffering and ignorance. That’s why a healthy spiritual path feels so rich, wonder-filled and generally happy. The Great Happiness arises when bliss and insight come together […]