trust in relationships

trust in relationships

Vulnerability isn’t easy, and it grows trust

No doubt about it, it’s not easy being vulnerable. And yet that’s one of the best ways for us to grow trust in our relationships. It may seem counterintuitive that our colleagues and friends are more likely to have our backs if they’ve sensed that we’ve been truly open with them. In particular if we’ve trusted them enough to show ourselves when we’re feeling low.

By the way, we’re not suggesting actually getting naked — the photo was meant to get your attention. Generally, we like it when people are naked in a healthy way, even metaphorically speaking.

When was the last time you really shared your feelings?

When was the last time you told your colleagues (or friends, or family) how you are truly feeling? This entails taking responsibility for what’s going on inwardly and outwardly with ourselves. I might be feeling hurt, for example, and that’s how I am choosing to feel, regardless of what someone else said or did. Nobody else can make me feel a particular way; the choice is mine.

Moreover, the only person I can change is myself: what an amazing thing that when I change myself, there’s a ripple affect on everyone around me. Going for beneficial ripples is clearly going to yield more positive results for our relationships, our teamwork and our projects … oh yes and for the planet too.

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