Astrodharma reflections

From Karma to Dharma? North & South Nodes in Astrology

Sangha share their reflections on the north and south nodes in AstroDharma.

astrodharma sangha

Planet Dharma and Clear Sky Center sangha members share their insights on karma and dharma via the lens of AstroDharma.  By describing north (karma) and south (dharma) nodes of the moon, they share their personal stories of inertia and challenge, strengths and growth potential.

Thanks to Maureen Smith, Richard Nathaniel, David Basu Roy and Cara Conroy-Lau for sharing their reflections. (Ava’s video will be posted soon!)

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Consider joining us for the upcoming Dharma in the Stars course with Catherine Sensei from June 16-18, 2023. Or, her online, study at your own pace Intro to AstroDharma course.

An Episode from our Podcast: On the North and South Nodes, Chiron and Saturn

In this AstroDharma podcast episode, Catherine Pawasarat Sensei and Doug ‘Qapel’ Duncan explore parts of our natal charts that are particularly connected to spiritual and personal transformation, including Chiron, Saturn, and North and South Nodes. They explain how these lenses can help us get unstuck, transform challenges into tools, and take things in our lives less personally. This includes how to use astrology to integrate our shadow and realize our fullest potential.

How to Learn AstroDharma

Like all spiritual paths, astrology is complex, and the potential learnings are vast. Fortunately, a little bit of knowledge and self-knowledge can go a long way. We have taught AstroDharma informally to our students for many years, and are now formalizing some of what we teach.

We have designed our new online Intro to Astrodharma Course to be relatively simple and accessible. We’ve also designed it to honor all the work you’ve already done on yourself and to give you a doorway into the profundity that both dharma and astrology offer. Simple can still be deep and transformational.

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Dharma in the Stars with Catherine Sensei

June 16-18, 2023

If you are indeed a modern day bodhisattva with the aspiration for a more compassionate world, this weekend of AstroDharma fundamentals will help you better understand and transform your own patterns and potential, and also understand and help the people around you.

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