Do you want to strengthen and deepen your spiritual practice both on and off the meditation cushion? Awaken more speedily? Integrate awakening more with your day-to-day activities via Karma Yoga?  This is a pilot program for people with pioneering spirits.

Our dynamic path of awakening involves studying with our Dharma teachers, deep immersion in retreats and a grounding daily meditation practice. Our path also offers the unique feature of awakening through action, or karma yoga, a powerful way of working with sangha Dharma Trainers to integrate our spiritual practices with our day-to-day activities, and both personal and professional development.

We are offering a limited number of Karma Yoga / Dharma Training opportunities to Dharma students, in new a program for 2017. We invite expressions of interest, with the potential for successful applicants to join our innovative and awakening Planet Dharma team.

Through our efforts helping the Triple gem to flourish, we have the precious opportunity to devote our life force towards generating merit and benefiting more beings through supporting the spiritual awakening of many.

By joining the Planet Dharma Karma Yoga Team, successful applicants will learn from and support the cutting-edge awakening efforts led by Doug and Catherine Sensei. As program team leads, rest assured that we (Cara Conroy-Low and Christopher Lawley) have a great deal of experience to share. We have each practiced Karma Yoga and received Dharma Training directly and on an ongoing basis from Catherine and Doug Sensei for over 10 years.  Catherine Pawasarat Sensei and Dharma trainer Duncan Cryle will also be supporting us as trainers, and you as a karma yogi, as we work together.

What will Karma Yoga and Dharma Training do for you?

Sharing our own karma yoga experiences might be most helpful, so you can get a feel for its benefits:

Cara Conroy-Low (Dharma Trainer & Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Calgary):

Cara Conroy-LowMy Karma Yoga practice first and foremost empowers me to really show up in my own life. It helps me to feel strength, purpose and like I am always growing. I love being challenged that way!

First there is the work itself, which grows my skills in web design, wordpress, social media and more, all valuable for my own business. And then there is the underlying less obvious ‘medicine’ behind the karma yoga and dharma training. The quiet beauty of karma yoga is that it lifts me into positive states of mind. It reminds me that the unitive experiences of meditation on the cushion can also be found in action in our daily lives.  Read / Hear More: Why would I want to be a  Karma Yogi.

Christopher Lawley (Dharma Trainer & Life Visioning Coach, Toronto):

Christopher Lawley Dharma Teacher testimonialThe practice of Karma Yoga has had a profound impact on my life. My participation in Karma Yoga as a practice has led to a strong sense of grounding in my being over the years. However, it is really the one-on-one dharma training that has contributed directly to the biggest – and quickest – breakthroughs in my life. Dharma training takes the wholesome activity of karma yoga and leverages it to the max.

Through this practice, I have learned to be less anxious, more open and more joyful. This practice has been my life raft through extremely challenging periods in my life. It has also connected me with the most remarkable and engaged people I could hope to know.

What could I do to service the Triple Gem? Benefit all beings?

We are looking to work with people with energy and motivation for awakening, personal growth and service. Do you have a heart of generosity, curiosity, joy and a desire to challenge yourself more in life? Do you have the determination to show up, engage and grow via dharma training with us? Would you like to make the path of service and karma yoga part of your mandate for awakening?

Due to the online nature of Planet Dharma, beneficial skills include a familiarity and proficiency with computers and online technology. Specifics might include experience with: wordpress, youtube, social media, mailing lists, programming, copywriting, marketing & SEO, graphic design, video editing, podcast creation and systems management.

We are also open to additional skills and approaches: We look forward to hearing about what you’re good at and how you see it benefitting the Triple Gem! For application requirements and commitment please see the details below.

In conclusion, we feel that this opportunity to practice karma yoga and dharma training with planet dharma is a precious accelerator for the path. It is a profound and practical way to integrate your dharma, career and creativity.

The path of karma yoga and dharma training can be challenging. If you are looking to awaken super fast and want to maximize the positive impact you have on the world, then this is a great way to go. We look forward to awakening through action with you!  Read and hear about other’s experiences here: Why would I want to be a  Karma Yogi.  And if you’re ready to apply for this karma yoga program, click on the link below:

Upcoming Intake dates (applications due):

  • May 31, 2017
  • Sept 30, 2017
  • January 31, 2018

— Cara Conroy-Low & Christopher Lawley

Application Requirements:

  • Completed application questionnaire (includes resume submission)
  • Letter of recommendation or a reference from a Clear Sky trainer, sangha trainer or sangha member you’ve worked with in the past.
  • Past participation in at least 1 in-person retreat with Doug and Catherine Sensei; or past participation in at least 1 on-line program and at least 2 Office Hour sessions.


  • 6-month commitment, eligible for renewal, with an initial one month-trial period.
  • Minimum of 4-5 hours of virtual karma yoga per week, including check-ins with trainer(s).
  • Checking email/Basecamp for updates & responding on a regular & timely basis.
    Regular reflection exercises on your KY practice and Dharma Training with Chris & Cara.

Possible Job Descriptions / Opportunities:

  • WordPress website assistant
  • Communications assistant
  • Media manager
  • Social media assistant


  • Merit-building – Cultivate the strength needed for spiritual breakthrough.
  • More speedy spiritual awakening: karma yoga and dharma training are about supporting us to improve our states and increase our moment-to-moment awareness throughout our day.
    Community – Connect with others who share similar values and goals for their spiritual awakening.
  • Regular contact with dharma trainers – Support for your spiritual practice and benefit from feedback and insights from experienced practitioners of karma yoga (Chris & Cara).
  • Support from Dharma teacher Catherine Pawasarat Sensei and Dharma trainer Duncan Cryle via online group meetings.
  • Skills development – Gain or improve skills in a variety of areas, including online organizational tools, project management, digital media, marketing, and more.
  • Improved communication skills – Learn how to skillfully communicate your ideas and needs in a way that supports you and the whole team.
  • Certificate of Completion – Receive official recognition for successful completion of the project from Planet Dharma, a leader in the field of awakening through action.

Apply Now

Not quite ready to apply but curious if this is for you? Interested in a later intake date? Send us an expression of interest below:

Expressions of Interest

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