What`s your most challenging growth edge?

What sparks you?  This lively, informal and interactive extract is from a class in our 2017 “Buddhas in Action” retreat at Clear Sky Retreat Center in B.C., Canada, with Achariya Doug Duncan, Catherine Pawasarat Sensei & some of the spiritual community (sangha).

How we use language to name our challenges is highly important and can reveal new insights.  For example for someone who tends to take up a lot of space, instead of “I need to learn to fade into the background” a better way to name this would be “I aspire to let other people shine”.  I.e. the growth edge is not so much about that person being “less” as supporting other people to show.

In this extract, students offer and share what are some challenging growth edges they have, and what are they most curious about / what most sparks them?  Doug and Catherine Sensei offer live interactive teaching on ways to reframe and deepen these question.

Some topics that unfold during this session are “letting go into the chaos,” “running out of time,” my way is better,” “making mistakes,” “staying present in the body,” “engaging,” “looking at layers beneath states,” “learning with others,” “career” and “clinging.”

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