Perfect generosity and all the paramis follow

In this podcast, Achariya Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat Sensei expand on the six perfections (Paramis) of Generosity, Discipline, Acceptance, Effort, Concentration, Insight and share “If you can perfect generosity, all the rest will follow.” When we do not apply these principles, we move into unnecessary suffering. Achariya Doug states, “If you`re not doing it for yourself, the teacher can talk about it until the cows come home home and it won`t make particularly much difference in your life because its not being applied.” However, when applying these principles in our everyday lives unnecessary suffering cannot arise.

“These Paramis are precious and awesome,” says Catherine Sensei, “to the point where we teach a course on it called “Becoming a Work of Art.”

This excerpt was taken from the “Right Effort – Healing the Splits Within” series given as part of the “Year of Victory” program in 2017, and recorded at Clear Sky Retreat Center in B.C., Canada. To register for our mailing list or to attend any upcoming events, please visit us at