Why Awaken? Today’s episode explores the idea of personal vision and how it relates to spiritual unfoldment. It’s part of our celebration for the upcoming release of more podcast episodes from Planet Dharma.

Season 3 will begin in mid-July to celebrate Doug Sensei’s 70th birthday!

The Season 3 launch will include a new podcast name, theme music and format. It will be all-new content, but will still have the same focus on how to embrace a path of awakening in modern times by leveraging all that life has to offer.

And to keep you engaged in the teachings between now and the launch of Season 3, Doug Sensei and Catherine Sensei will be hosting a 4-part online course entitled Riding the Dragon: Spiritual Awakening in Modern Life. To learn more about this course, which can be viewed live or via recordings, visit planetdharma.com/events.

We hope you enjoy today’s episode and stay tuned for the launch of Season 3 in July.

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