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We find that many people struggle with their spiritual life, because of competing time and resource commitments. Traditionally the spiritual life meant going into meditation retreats for extended periods of time, which people are finding harder to carve out.

We feel that for the modern person, the Path of Awakening in Action (Karma Yoga) is accessible and optimal, precisely because it can be incorporated into our daily lives. We’re strongly motivated to share this message with you, to help you make your life easier and at the same time fulfill your spiritual aspirations.

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Did we mention, read our books?

P.S., we highly recommend you read our books: Wasteland to Pureland and Dharma If You Dare.

Honest, edgy, and accessible, our new book Wasteland to Pureland  is for anyone ready to shed limiting beliefs, and wake up to the vibrant, creative nature of reality.  Wasteland to Pureland addresses very typical events in a person’s life – including relationship and career, creativity and pain, and loss and trauma. It also talks about practices that you can use, such as tantras, meditations, therapies and psychological approaches that open doors where we get stuck.

Doug Duncan Sensei’s first book, Dharma If You Dare, is humorous, accessible and allows you to explore how these teachings and path can help you transform your own feelings of longing and dissatisfaction while providing practical tools – based in the Tibetan Karma Kagyu lineage and other wisdom traditions – which help you to free your mind. Here you’ll find concrete examples and illuminating metaphors compassionately intended to help you speedily reconnect with your real purpose for being here – awakening in this lifetime.

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