The nature of addiction is an attempt to escape the pain at the core of our being. Resisting the urge to give in rather than face the appetite or addiction takes patience and determination.

“If you look at the nature of your consciousness, you’re always one step ahead of yourself or perhaps one step behind yourself, but very rarely are you actually in this moment just as it is.” — Doug Duncan Sensei The nature of appetite or addiction is thinking, ‘What’s next?'” In our modern lifestyles, we are addicted to being busy, always going from one thing to next, seeking happiness in the next moment. This is an addictive pattern. Seeking cannot produce peace and contentment. Happiness cannot be found in the next moment. Only in breaking the pattern, the addiction to the immediate reward of the chemical rush, do we find that consciousness can reside pleasantly in this moment, undisturbed for a period of time. The cycle of addiction is rooted in a strong sense of survival in one’s being. Rather than fighting against it, look at it with reason. Decide to meditate, to do nothing but rest peacefully in the moment for one or two hours a day. In meditating, one’s habit is absent, so initially boredom will arise. Boredom is the result of the withdrawal from mental addiction, the addiction to ‘What’s going to happen next?’ Boredom is followed by fear and anxiety, which have some survival value. So how do you marry the survival value of planning and organizing with the idea of being present in the moment? Stay tuned.