Buddhas in Action: Karma Yoga

In this new Planet Dharma episode, Achariya Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat Sensei shine light on the principle that “buddhas in action” (spiritual explorers waking up and growing through the path of selfless service) continually explore the question “What is this?”

During this in-depth talk from the “Buddha’s in Action Retreat 2017,” the teachers discuss the questions “What is yoga?” and specifically, “What is karma yoga?”

“Asking the question “what” drives you to awakening,” mention Achariya Doug Duncan & Catherine Pawasarat Sensei.  “When it comes to meditation the self-referencing occurs in relationship to the arisings in the mind, or in the body; in karma yoga it arises in relationship to your task.” Karma yoga helps us to train ourselves to be mindful and aware of the states we are in while doing something and introducing the technology to change that state if it isn`t clear, wholesome, blissful, spacious & awake.

“As easily as you can get lost into the phenomena of your mind, you can get lost into the phenomena of your work.”  The practice of karma yoga helps us not get lost, and instead brings awareness of body, speech and mind.  This leads us into more compassion in our career and daily lives.

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