Karma Yoga: Awakening in Action

In this talk Doug and Catherine discuss Awakening Through Action, traditionally known as the practice of karma yoga. Karma yoga is a practice that transforms even mundane activities into paths of spiritual growth and awakening. In this practice every moment is turned into an active meditation. It is an ideal spiritual path for action-oriented modern people, that takes us beyond our selves. In the talk you will hear them make reference to ‘Buddhas in Action’. This is their 2-week intensive program on karma yoga that they are currently offering every second year.

If you find the teachings of Planet Dharma resonate and are wondering how to explore them further, we recommend our free online course called Wake Up: 4 Paths to Spiritual Awakening. This self-study course gives an introduction to the main approaches that Doug and Catherine employ with students to help them find their speediest path to spiritual awakening. It includes a module on the path of Awakening Through Action discussed in today’s episode. You can learn more and register for free by visiting planetdharma.com/wakeup.