Where to Start with Astrology – The Most Important Parts of Your Chart

Are you new to astrology? Astrology is a great awareness tool for perspective and understanding of your habitual patterning. Are you wondering where to start?  In this video, Dharma Teacher Catherine Pawasarat explains the three (or four) most important parts of your astrology chart.  Learn how to get started, and what these elements all mean.

Ready to get started?

If you don’t have one, get a print out of your chart through an astrologer or astrology software such as astro.com. (You will need to input your birth date, place and time.)

Once you’re looking at your chart, you might notice that there is a large number of planets, signs and symbols in it. In might feel overwhelming to start. Don’t worry, it will get easier – simply start with the three (or four) elements described in the video below.  Remember too, the complexity of your astrology chart serves to demonstrate the unique and complex weaving of who you are as an individual.

The following four astrological elements tell you a great deal about yourself, your essence, how your show up in the world, and where you are headed spiritually. Watch the video below:

Watch the video:

Here are the four elements described by Catherine Sensei in the video above:

Most Important Features to Start Understanding Your Astrology Chart:

  1. Sun: Where is the sun located in your chart – by sign and house. the sun is our hero on the journey, it is where and how we shine. By exploring this we can learn how we feel best shining and how we can shine our light for other people and bring greater light into the darkness.
  2. Moon: Where is the moon located in your chart – by sign and house. It represents our mother and our relationship with our mother- and by extension how we feel nurtured and how we like to nurture others. Important so we can better take care of ourselves and each other.
  3. Ascendant: Where is the ascendant located in your chart – by sign and house. This represents how we see the world, the lens we wear that colors the way we see life.
  4. Nodes of the Moon: North and south nodes – our spiritual journey. Initially the north node feels foreign, its exciting, arduous and the fruits are tremendous.

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