Are You Running on Empty?


April, 2019

Are You Running on Empty?

Emptiness is the Secret to Wisdom

Do you want more wisdom? Well, there’s ‘no-thing’ to it. In fact, the first thing to understand about wisdom is that it involves emptiness. Emptiness is the space between things. In order for you to have wisdom, one of the first things required is some space between you and your objects.

Finding Space

The first thing one needs for wisdom is space. Space between things, between the objects inside your head or outside in the physical world.

In the physical world, you can develop wisdom by remembering when you’re talking to someone to keep in mind that sense of space between you, the distance between your nose and their nose.

When it comes to your mind, there is space there too. Look for the empty space between the objects or thoughts that arise. Notice how thoughts arise, last, then pass away. Look for the empty gap between one thought and the next.

Whether You Like it Or Not

Wisdom starts when you can put in space between you and your object, regardless of whether you like or dislike it. Whether you’re getting what you want or don’t want, if someone’s treating you nicely or badly… even if people think you’re an idiot or your relationships aren’t going so well – when you add spaciousness to the mix, you have greater perspective, equanimity and calm.

“Wisdom starts when you put in space between you and your object.”

The Ego is Terrified But Has Only Freedom to Find

The ego is terrified of the nothingness because the ego sees the nothingness as a negative. The ego sees the nothingness as mentally ill.

But, it is like an empty glass. The empty glass represents the spacious potential within which phenomena can arise.

From the point of view of the awakened ones, clear, radiant, spacious emptiness is where wisdom, freedom and your passionate heart of loving kindness resides.

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