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The insight power of Astrology & Dharma combined

The unique combination of Astrology and Dharma helps us draw on personal strengths to transform challenges. With these two powerful tools we can better understand ourselves, the nature of being human, and the universe around us.

We have some free learning resources for you here to get started. And, to go deeper, take our empowering online AstroDharma course.

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Why AstroDharma

The combination of Dharma and Transpersonal Astrology is a powerful method to help you to understand your soul map––your natal astrology chart–– and your unique Hero’s Journey depicted therein. 

With the Teachings of the Buddha, also known as “Buddhadharma” or just “dharma” we gain insights from 2500 years of profound consciousness studies. With Transpersonal Astrology we draw on Western Greco-Roman mythology plus Jungian principles and archetypes to help us understand ourselves, others and the cosmos. 

Learn from AstroDharma pioneer Catherine Pawasarat Sensei, with her online course, and free videos and reference charts



Free AstroDharma Resources 

Free AstroDharma Resources

We’d like to gift you three AstroDharma resources that we’ve found very helpful. Subscribe to get the following tools, direct to your inbox:

  1. AstroDharma Reference Chart (Handy printable guide)
  2. The 3 Most Important Parts of Your Chart (Video)
  3. AstroDharma and Relationships (Video)

AstroDharma free resources

How We Use Astro Dharma

For spiritual seekers looking to grow, the unique combination of Buddhism and Transpersonal Astrology speed us up on our spiritual path.

At our meditation centre, we use Western astrology alongside Buddhist philosophy and meditation practice.  This helps our students transform their challenges more effectively.

There are five key aspects of AstroDharma study:
1. Understand how to read your own astrological birth chart.
2. Harness and develop its positive elements wisely.
3. Recognize and overcome elements that may be out-of-balance.
4. Use this knowledge to redirect your energy into more effective patterns of living.
5. Use meditation and ideally work with teachers and a spiritual community to go deeper and fully investigate and liberate the subtle patterns and conditioning.


Teacher Bio

Catherine Pawasarat

Since the early 2000s Catherine has provided dharma training and taught the path of awakening to hundreds of students, together with Doug Duncan Sensei and on her own. In addition to Astrology and Buddhist philosophy and their applications to daily life, Catherine also draws on generative living (a.k.a. sustainability) and the arts.

Catherine is from a lineage of spiritual awakening that values the best of Eastern and Western philosophy. Her partner Doug Duncan Sensei and their teacher Namgyal Rinpoche excel in teaching both methods. This is an ideal training for Westerners, and an evolution of traditional teachings for the modern seeker.

In addition to Planet Dharma and Clear Sky, her website shares her ground-breaking work on the spiritual traditions and sustainability of Kyoto’s 1100-year-old Gion Festival.

Astrodharma: Free videos & reference chart

Get your free intro AstroDharma videos and a free Dharma Astrology Easy Reference Chart.

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Take the Online AstroDharma Course

Introduction to AstroDharma: Awakening through Astrology

This online course will help you get to know the fundamentals of AstroDharma and your own astrological birth chart.

This helps us discover hidden talents and find new ways to overcome personal challenges. 

Our natal chart is sometimes called our ‘Soul Map’ for this lifetime: By the end of this course, you’ll better understand your unique hero or heroine’s journey for this life.