Basic elements of an astrological chart.

In this talk on AstroDharma Catherine and Doug discuss some basic elements of our natal astrological charts and how they can be leveraged for our spiritual unfoldment.
This excerpt from the talk is focused on the 3 most important parts of your chart. The study of dharmic astrology obviously involves much more than this. You will hear Catherine and Doug refer to other elements such as houses, for example, which are not explained in detail in this recording. If you like what you hear and would like to learn more, you can find some free resources and a self-study course at
The self study course, Catherine’s Intro to AstroDharma: Awakening Through Astrology, covers all the major elements of dharmic astrology in a way that builds from module to module, all with the lens of empowering you to achieve spiritual breakthrough. A personal favourite are the exercises where you practice by analyzing the Dalai Lama’s natal chart. Visit to learn more.